Using the Xbox One's March update - what we think

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the Xbox One's March update after one of the writers was selected for the beta.

"The whole 'friends' interface has had a bit of an overhaul. It's now separated into 'all', 'favourites', 'followers' and 'recent players'. They've kept the activity feed, but it now sits on the right and you need to physically swipe across to it. It's a nice function, but it's very rare that I actually use it. The friends update will help a lot when it comes to finding who's online and what they've been up to. With the Xbox One you can have up to 1,000 friends, which is quite the friends list. It would have taken an age to search through that lot, so the favourite option allows you to keep the friends you're most likely to game with in one place. 'Recent Players' is also a great addition as, on occasion, you might want to add the stranger that you had an epic game of Battlefield with or a close game of FIFA."

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nicksetzer12184d ago

It's a lot better, still a lot of work to be done, but as it is now (after update) it is really solid.

Maml072184d ago

i got the march update beta ver
i liked so much
-when you view a new unlocked achievement ypu can browse all achievement
-friend menu is more easy to explore
kinect is faster (just a little)
there is a boadcast
-you can browes friends activity for each friend
-easily to know new followers
-new messages menus

hope to know when friends online and add special menu notify me for my favorite friends activity

DeathOfTheFanBoy2184d ago

Another thing I found as a beta tester, start up is MUCH quicker and auto sign in is faster too

KingDadXVI2184d ago

@DeathOfTheFanBoy I agree, everything seems a snappier.

nukeitall2184d ago

This is what MS does best.

Iterate and add features to the existing console. Glad to see MS isn't slowing down the updates, but rapidly ramping up with more frequent releases!

Just as long as these updates aren't too frequent and get annoying though....

Volkama2184d ago

@Nukeitall the beta registration process suggests updates are scheduled monthly. They don't commit to it as definite, but that's the plan.

kickerz2184d ago

Can't wait till I update :)
Happyxb1 owner

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TrueJerseyDevil2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

How do you get it early?

Naga2184d ago

It's a closed beta test wherein Microsoft has invited certain users at their discretion.

Maml072184d ago

micro sent an invite for a selected players include a code to get all updates earlier than everyone tobgive them our feedback
i have another code if you want it just send me a message

the code allow you to download all new updates called
"preview xbox one updates" and after you doenload and activate your app you have to wait 2 days until activating it from micro then you will get access to download all new updates

Francis22184d ago

I will say though, the only problem with it all is that you can't join the parties of people who aren't running the March beta. Not had any problems finding games mind.

GearSkiN2184d ago

Coz you're in the beta not them.

etownone2184d ago

Let me vent and say Xbox One Kinect sucks, and I hope this update fixes it.

I'm usual repeating myself 3-4 times... And I have to lower my volume so it can hear me. Ms should have added the mic to the controller so I don't have to keep shouting and repeating myself like a maniac.

thrust2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

You have set it up wrong!

Or you have a broke one!

MxRBrobaFett2184d ago

Have you tried going into the kinect setup and doing exactly what it tells you including positioning it? I had the same problem and that fixed it for me

mcstorm2184d ago

I agree with the two guys above. I had an issue with my Kinect not picking me up when the volume level was over a certain level but I re did the mic with the volume on nearly max and I don't have many issue in it picking up my commands. One thing to be sure is make sure Kinect is not near your speaker and always speak clear and make sure your commands are correct. I would often say Xbox tune on and nothing would happen then ide remember its Xbox on.

ma1asiah2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Ok not sure what is happening here to sour your experience, but for us in NZ switiching region to Australia and using Kinect for voice etc. All I have to say is that 95% off the time voice works perfectly and the other 5% I put down to the difference in accent.

Now this includes navigating the app, starting games or apps or using it for games like DR3, Ryse and KS Rivals preseason.

Has Kinect been moved at all?
Do you have Kinect to close to your speakers?

Have you tried recalibrating it?

I don't know man, I love the new Kinect and how improved it is over its predeccesor

etownone2184d ago

I did the set up TWICE.

I even positioned my center speaker above my 65 inch.
I think the thing is I play my games at a really high volume. I mean, I got a really good surround sound set up and it sounds amazing....

I'm sorry.... But Kinect just sucks from my experience.

Like I said.... They should have added the mic on the controller.

Naga2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Recalibrate your Kinect with the volume up significantly higher than the level at which you regularly play. This will fix the sound detection.

That, and consider refreshing yourself on the actual Kinect commands. I cannot tell you how many times people have complained about repeating themselves and it turned out to not even be the right command. (Xbox Off vs Xbox Turn Off, Go To vs Show, etc.).

Those two issues account for 98% of all Kinect user difficulties.

etownone2184d ago

I did recalibrate...

And I set it at higher volumes and the Xbox One tells me to lower the volume.

Example... It makes me lower it to around 54... And I like to play my games/movies in the 60's

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Drewidian2184d ago

The primary things I am still missing is the ability to add an external hard drive and access videos from a network server of NAS. If the VLC client that is supposed to get ported to Windows Phone as well as the Windows Store gets an Xbox One client I may be fine with that, but to date there is no word on this.

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