All Age Gaming Podcast Ep 27 - Nintendo shuts down its WiFi services for Wii and DS

Paul from AAG writes "This week on the All Age Gaming podcast we discuss the latest news including Nintendo shuts down its Wi-Fi service for DS and Wii, Sony PlayStation launches in Japan however game sales are ‘soft’ to say the least. Also making news, Microsoft discounts its Xbox Live memberships, Sony shuts down servers for Gran Turismo 5 angering fans and more. Also on the show you can find our latest game reviews, including Thief, Basement Crawl and Bravely Default. This plus a whole lot more on the All Age Gaming Podcast."

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RiPPn2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Not a good episode here, Paul starts off talking about how he is glad to still buy physical media, but then later when talking about the steam family plan has a dig at people who complained and got the DRM reversed because the family share plan doesn't exist, yet this essentially made all content digital, hypocrite much?

And the Microsoft fanboyism was really coming through on this episode. Especially what stood out was Tyler gave his honest review of Thief on the PS4 and then the Microsoft fanboy went on to act like there are no problems with his Xbone version and even made the game sound good only later to contradict this by saying how bad the game was. Another thing was taking digs at Infamous as being the second coming, but then acting like Titanfall is the second coming. This episode oozed with this tone throughout.

Games_R_Us2179d ago

Wow RiPPn, I know your a long time listener but do you have to always listen to a 1 and a half hour show and take notes on when something that doesn't agree with you is said and make public point of it? What about the other 85 minutes of the show where all the news, game reviews, upcoming games, what we're playing and more were discussed?

In regards to my comments on DRM, let me clear this up. As a game collector and someone who values physical medium, my preferencs are for Disc Based Games, however that doesn't mean I am averse to digital content. In fact, supporting Xbox Live Arcade, DLC and Games on Demand are digitally delivered games. I think digitial has its advantages and as I said most of what I own on X1 is indeed digital. I do still buy games on disc in addition to digital so I cna keep a back up of my favourite games. I tend to wait say till now to pick up for example titles that are super cheap as opposed to full price on launch if that makes sense.

We were also regarding the DRM with steam having a chuckle that family sharing was brought to steam and is widely praised, yet when MS made mention of it, it was overshadowed and cast out. We all agree family sharing is a great idea, provided you buy your games digitially, but with MS's approach you would have been able to buy a game on disc, instal it to your harddrive, then access it with any family member on yours or another console, it would have been a good idea, but we all know how that ship sailed.

Regarding Thief, I personally haven't played it, Tyler played PS4 version and Will played X1 version. We all actually discussed this before the show and Tyler was 100% honest that at 60fps and 1080p there was noticeable slow down at certain points. Those same points on X1 version running at whatever resolution it was at, seemed fine. I cant vouch for this as I haven't played it, but many sites are reporting that the X1 version seems more smoother, but I dont like to discuss which versions run better personally as its just a loosing battle between sides. Its important to note that Will also is in the beta for the next dash update and due to its embargo, we cant say anything (or he cant at least) but who knows if theres been tweaks to the resources and memory usage? Who knows, but its possible.

As for Titanfal, I said quite openly that I wasn't really overly excited for it at all, but when I played it my opinions changed. We also mentioned Infamous SS as a game (much like MS's Titanfall) that are both being hailed by each respective audience as the second coming of christ. Our point were trying to make here is that this level of hype can often be met with dissapointed when a game doesn't live up to the super high expectations set. Then again, both games will be brilliant and will do exceedinly well.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in we appreciate it and the comments, just kinda wished someone would actually comment on the good work we do as opposed to always nit picking. I dont think anyone could ever produce anything that appeals to all audiences, its just not possible, but we do try to cater to all those who share the same passion as we do.

Austacker2179d ago

I'm a regular listener and fan of the PodCast, although I tend to tune in more for the general Xbox oriented version of the show than AAG. Although I'm also a grandad in the gaming universe (I remember when the Atari 2600 was 'hot tech') and do enjoy hearing about other games from the past and present, it was the Xbox oriented version of their podcast which made me a regular listener.

As for the Neg commentary Games_R_Us, look at it more as a passionate gamer and regular listener who is looking to take the time to write something.

Most people who don't like the show probably wouldn't even respond at all sadly.

As I said before, I'm a regular listener and appreciate the work you guys do, keep it up!