Writer's Roundtable: The State of Storytelling and What's Next for Videogame Narrative

Last week, our panel of videogames writers discussed the demise of Irrational and why creating story-led blockbusters is so risky. Here, we extend out the conversation to take the pulse of videogame storytelling at large, before looking at what’s next.

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linkenski2183d ago

Before we look at "what's next" for VG narrative, it's important to reconsider how well the current highly succesful narratives work in terms of how they work in favor of the gameplay.

Uncharted and TLoU, while good from a writing standpoint, faltered overall because they severely limited creativity when it came to gameplay and objectives.

Somehow I emded up feeling that the PS2 era's constant gameplay and story segregation in games like Jak and R&C was a superior way to design a game because it allowed much more non-linearity and variety.

it doesn't help either that there's a decline of cartoony franchises as their style and tone allows for more crazy ideas and doesn't need to be realistic.