This is what you see during the censored South Park: The Stick of Truth scenes

here's what you see when you try to play a certain scene in the European version of South Park: The Stick of Truth on consoles.

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Mr_cheese2633d ago

Just means a US import! Longer, but worth it.

TopDudeMan2633d ago

I'll be getting the PC version. It's funny that they censored it by putting that screen in there. It's a big middle finger to the rating officials.

3-4-52632d ago

They always find a way. Love this show.

Cobberwebb2633d ago

So lame. I'm in the UK so I used my U.S. Amazon account to purchase $60 ($50 + $10) PSN credit, redeemed the codes on my U.S. PSN account, and pre-ordered The Stick of Truth. Now I get it uncensored and a few days earlier than the U.K. release.

TheFanBoy2633d ago

I'm also in the uk.. But if I was to do that I wouldn't get the trophies on my main account. Looks like imma be importing it from Merica.

njitram20002633d ago

Download the game with your US account and then play it with your main UK account. That works on PS3 and PS4, just not Vita.

Cobberwebb2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Yep, I have a UK and US account on the same system and I can play the game with both. I'm past caring about trophies and achievements anyway.

djplonker2633d ago

As soon as I see that screen I am going to find a video of the cut scene online... I don't get why they censored it because everyone could find it if they wanted to!

DFogz2632d ago

They censored it because some old guy in suit got his panties in a bunch and said "NO! I will not allow you to show this to the people of my country. It must be censored!"
That guy is still unaware the internet exists.

bumnut2633d ago

Once again the paying customer is screwed over while pirates get to play the full version :(

Bathyj2633d ago

That's actually kind of funny.

Still not buying it though. If I buy it, it will be the cheaper, uncensored US version.

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The story is too old to be commented.