MGS4: Guns of the Patriots Hideo Kojima Interview Part I

The man of mystery and intrigue discusses the final chapter in the Metal Gear saga.

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jwatt5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Kojima has that cool mgs4 shirt on.

It would be cool to see Kiojima come up with something new and interesting.

clintos595424d ago

U see how he gives his staff alot of credit and he also says he would trust them to make the game but they came to him and asked him. And he didnt want to let any of his fans down and wanted to not only make the best ending for the mgs series but also make his staff team look good at the same time. Unlike Itagaki, see what he said about his teams work on ninja gaiden sigma saying they did a bad job with rachel. That right there must be a low blow to his staff, saying that there idea wasnt good. He needs to sit back, shut the hell up and learn something from the master kojima. And if Kojima did make a new IP, I bet u anything it would be just as good as metal gear. Keep up the great work kojima and cant wait to play MGS4 june 12th. :)

BSigel815424d ago

Very good interview, I can't wait to see the rest of it. The guy is a saint, I know he makes his staff happy they work for him. He put so much emphasis on their skills which is very cool. I wonder would he come back if crazy people send him more death threats, that would make anyone paranoid.

PoSTedUP5424d ago

its crazy how far back this games goes.