Naughty Dog’s Bruce Straley Shares Sketches for Jak II and Bone Game he Wanted to Make

Today The Last of Us and Uncharted II Game Director Bruce Straley shared a couple of very old but very interesting sketches about Jak II and a Bone game he wanted to make.

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adventureghost1242178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

super cool, and perhaps they might be hinting an announcement about J & D in the near future? Only time will tell.

RBdrift2178d ago

I doubt they'd release anything if they actually had some sort of time table for this franchise.

adventureghost1242178d ago

Though it is very unlikely, if you remember in an interview about the last of us, naughty dog shared that in the concept art, it was going to be a jak game (or like a jak game I don't remember exactly) so it shows that still have interest in the game, and though it's a huge stretch, (like fitting an elephant in spandex stretch) it's a possibility

itBourne2177d ago

They have previously tossed around ideas about another Jak game, and have said it is not going to happen. They feel like they have out grown Jak, and that going back to it, they would be very confined and unable to bring the game up to date without making massive changes.

They have said they are not opposed to another studio picking it up though, as long as it is a studio they trust.

Whitefox7892178d ago

Very cool sketches and renders. I would be interested if he made this game on the Bones character.

brightlight2178d ago

To be honest I preferred Jak I over 2 and 3. And that picture just remind me of it, if only they can go back to the origin of Jak&Daxter, nature rooted. Forget about the gta and sci-fi elements. That's what I disliked about the 2, Jak himself looked so different too.

Anyhow, whatever ND is cooking up, it's gotta be good.

Name Last Name2178d ago

Jak 1 was very repetitive. Find X batteries to go to the next area. The change to sandbox was very good.

staticdash222178d ago

Jak 1 was too repetitive. It was great in the golden age of platformers, but say what you want about 2&3 but they offered more gameplay depth.

ArtificiallyYours2178d ago

Jak I got old quick with the Orb grind, Jak II's weapon arsenal was just fantastic. Gravity gun and cheat codes then you're all set.

Seraphim2178d ago

Jak was a Classic but looking back I'm pretty sure I had the most fun/enjoyment out of 3.

Am_Ryder2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I actually totally agree with you.

The problem with Jak II and III is level design. The levels just aren't as fun to navigate, and have a lot more frustrating issues. Jak I was a pure platformer, and a brilliant open-world one at that. Traversing every environment was amazing and fun.

Jak II and III lost that so much.

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REDBEARD2178d ago

A Naughty Dog developed Bone game would be pretty sweet.

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