Square Enix On Their Vision For Their Online Legacy of Kain Shooter Nosgoth

Siliconera caught up with Bill Beachem, Designer Director at Square Enix, to ask him a few questions about Nosgoth and the development team’s vision for the game.

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vishmarx2185d ago

Online Legacy of Kain Shooter
what has world come to.

FamilyGuy2185d ago

Wtf, when was this even announced?

thereapersson2185d ago


This was an earlier article; I expressed what I think of this nonsense...

whybag2185d ago

Legacy of Kain...shooter? Am I thinking of the same Legacy of Kain? Vampire thing, Soul Reaver, all that jazz?

FamilyGuy2185d ago

My thoughts exactly.
WTF :/

mmc-0072185d ago

what? shooter? this must be exclusive for the xbox one I guess.

ManFromNantucket2185d ago

Who's idea was this?
Who really thinks this is what we want? Turning Legacy of Kain into a another subpar generic onlinre multi shooter?
WTF? This will crash and burn.
Why not spend the resources on something we actually want, like a sick reboot of the series?

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The story is too old to be commented.