Nintendo bans Hitler from Mario Kart Wii online, lets Stalin and Osama slide

To keep in line with their austere "safe and fun" policy, Nintendo has banned the name Hitler from Mario Kart Wii's online services. If you attempt to access the Wi-Fi Connection with your Mii licence set as Hitler, you will receive a message stating that such nick names are forbidden and that you must modify your Mii name to proceed. On the other hand, those who connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as other notorious gentlemen such as Stalin and Osama will be able to do so without a message/disconnect.

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Xemnas5609d ago

Rotflmfao thats jut funny sorry...

jadenkorri5609d ago

osama and stalin aren't even in the same league as hitler, not that there is one...

OOG5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

this is true.....but under stalins reign more people died and it was mostly people of his own country.....so im sure russians wouldnt be happy with people running around with stalin.....but ya know....what evs

Jdash245609d ago

What are you talking about? Stalin massacred millions, and kept the cold war going, the only reason hitler seems to stand out is because he focused his killing and hatred on a single group of people.

PlayStation3605609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

Hitler was one cold and crazy dude. No doubt about that. But they are others who surpassed him on death tolls and cruelty.

JeepGamer5609d ago

You might want to check your history, Stalin had more people killed than Hitler ever did. He was a brutal, paranoid monster.

mhr5125609d ago

Thats why they removed it. Since you can play worldwide there is a possibility that you could play someone in Germany.

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Imallvol75609d ago

This is so funny because my room mate said the first Mii he was going to use for online was his Hitler! LOL.

Bigrhyno5609d ago

The first Mii I made after... me, was a Hitler with makeup on.

BilI Gates5609d ago

Hitler was a good man. What's the problem?

ScentlessApprentice75609d ago

You are F'ed Up in the head bill. Seriously. Hitler was the devil on Earth. If you admire him, whatever. But he difinately wasn't anything to be proud of.

PoSTedUP5609d ago

no. hitler was an evil man. thats the problem.

Baba19065609d ago

just horrible to say things like that. makes me really sad.

Sayai jin5609d ago

Funny, because if you were not German with blue eyes and blonde hair you would not be here to say how great he was if the Nazis would have one the war. But you know how that turned out. The got their arses handed to them. I mean really, who is dumb enough to fight therussian on their own turf in the middle of winter. Anyway you probaly just said it to get attention so.....

socsca5609d ago

Bill Gates: "Hey look at me! C'mon you guys, look look! Attention please, someone!!!!!!"

Sayai jin5609d ago

What part of my statement was false. Come on have so gusto and leave a comment when you disagree or not and you will be little mosquito in my ear.

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