Capcom buyout not likely

Christian Svensson, the Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research at Capcom USA had this to say about the resent rumors that MS would buyout Capcom.

"Capcom is in no financial trouble. In fact overall the company is highly profitable (about $58m ish in profit in the last fiscal year alone if you look at our annual report) with a good deal of capital at its disposal.

Other than that, Capcom does not comment on rumors and speculation of this nature."

So everyone calm down about the buyout, because at this point, they are in perfect condition especially with Dead Rising, and Lost Planet.

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2tired2day2hate4452d ago

this would be the greatest thing to ever happen to 360 fans, but i dont think it will ever happen unless capcom had financial issues which they probly dont.

Boink4452d ago

"capcom does not comment on rumours and speculation"

is the exact same thing MS says everything, it's almost like MS told them to say it:)

j/k, would be interesting though...

PS360PCROCKS4452d ago

Yea I thought the same thing! lol and ok how is "were profitable and we dont comment on rumors and speculation" debunking a rumor of a sell out?

NewZealander4452d ago

Sounds like capcom is holding back on something, may b microsoft is still in talks with them.

2tired2day2hate4451d ago

yeah if they had no intention of signing with ms wouldnt they just say no?

BIadestarX4451d ago

I know this is something that Sony's fans would hate. The the fact is that Microsoft needs a deal like this. Sony has the unfair support of all major Japanese developer in Japan and microsoft does not. Even if microsoft buys Capcom, Sony would still have the advantage (Kojima, Square, ... and the list goes on). It is funny how it is ok for Sony to have have exclusive content .. but not for Microsoft. I think microsoft should try to adquire Capcom since it will at least put them in a possition where they would be able to compete against Sony in Japan. It is the only way some good Japanese games will be released in Japan.

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