A Naughty Dog Designer Made His Own Rambo Game - It's Fantastic

T1 - The recent Rambo release left a lot to be desired – but why play a mediocre rail shooter when you can play a retro styled, brilliantly random Rambo outing made by a Naughty Dog designer instead?

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diepdiep2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Played the game.

Got hit by a bus.

New mission: Hug ninjas.

Best flash game, EVER.

Alan_Shore2188d ago

But he doesn't even do leg's

Hahha its pretty funny

cleft52187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

This game is amazing and the references are so damn good. We need a next gen version of this game.

ShinMaster2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Just goes to show that a game doesn't have to be a high budget production to be enjoyable, compared to the actual Rambo game that bombed recently.

I hope those PS4/indie haters learned a lesson today.

Neckbear2187d ago

But it doesn't even feel like a game...

Irishguy952187d ago

Haha typical ND. This isn't a game, it's a short movie

ShinMaster2187d ago

Aww... maybe you'll make the better choice next time so you won't feel the need to hate :(

Treezy5042187d ago

Played it last night, the Ghostbusters reference was golden!

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PoSTedUP2188d ago

nice lol. not to be an a**hole (but well, here i go), this will probably generate more money in ad revenue than that rambo game would make across 6 platforms...

need to check this out when i jump on my computer.

majiebeast2188d ago

Lol the later ones are so good.

crusf2188d ago

Way better then the recent one.

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The story is too old to be commented.