Nintendo Enthusiast: Week In Review - Episode 2

In this latest addition of Nintendo Enthusiast: Week In Review, we go over some of highlights in the news of the last week. You're also not going to want to miss a 'fan reaction' to particular news announcement.

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SirNintend02180d ago

"Wii U outsells 360 LTD in Japan? Oh my god....oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! *rips shirt*"

People you need to watch this video just for that segment. Starts at 2:10ish.

PoSTedUP2180d ago

lol, ehh was that a Coors Light aluminum bottle?? i love thoes!!

ptownjbo2180d ago

Slayer and Nintendo? I dig it.

Dunban672180d ago

perceived software drought?? its pretty real- most of owning a wii u since launch has been a drought unless you are thrilled w platformers and little other game variety

SirNintend02180d ago

The thing about software droughts is this: Do you finish every game you buy? I have a backlog of titles, including like 4 on the Wii U. Games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC take 40 hours+ on the first play through, plus there is so much to discover that you could easily do 100+ hours on multiple playthroughs. That's just on ONE game ya know? I do agree I'd like to see a steadier flow of Nintendo titles for the Wii U, but I think that's coming (finally)

higgins782180d ago

Its true, usually people who talk about the Wii U having a software drought - and it does to a point, you cant escape that fact - have a short attention span, either that or way too much time on their hands.

Dunban672180d ago

I see your point- and I hope you are right about more games coming- in the short term there are def games for me to play, although I bought the Wii U for my 8 year old son and there are not as many that he likes (or he has played thru them having more time to do so). But the variety is very low and at the rate they are producing games there won t be much at the end of the life span- My Son and I still play more Wii games on the Wii U than we do Wi U games- and there are, in comparison so much more genere s to choose from (on the Wii) -
additionally for us, 3rd party is big (even the older ports at the beginning) because we only have a Wii/ Wii U home console- going forward I don t see many good 3rd party games so whatever Nintendo and Lego games come out going forward may be it-

SirNintend02180d ago

What kinda games you like Dunban?

Dunban672179d ago

I like games like Xenoblade, Picmin, Monster Hunter, Zelda to name a cross section (Playing Earthbound now), Batman Arkham City was pretty good imo - I do want to get the Deus Ex game you mentioned and will get it- I enjoyed Darksiders II a lot - I look forward to playing ACIV as well - I wanted to get into MAdden and FIFA (or at least try to) but that will be difficult on the Wii U ( I may still buy the Wii U Madden and FIFA to learn them both playing single player

I like playing the Lego games w my son in addition to most any games he enjoys (He wants more than anything Mindcraft which is a perfect Nintendo/Wii U game - they should have done what it takes to get that game on the Wi U - lots of young gamers/ gamers to be are huge Minecraft fans

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SirNintend02180d ago

Exactly Higgins78. When I was a kid and got a new game I'd play it for hours on end trying to master it. Now days people play a game for a couple days and are "done" with it.