Titanfall – 32 Xbox Achievement Images Revealed

MP1st - Check out some of the artwork being used for Titanfall’s Xbox achievements.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2185d ago

I would love if they had an achievement called GOALLLLLL! in which you punt a human player with a Titan.

TomShoe2185d ago

These would make great wallpapers.

4Sh0w2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Wow, now thats some pretty slick looking artwork for Titanfalls acheivements; I think my 3 favorites are:

"All Of the Cards"

"Vortex Volley"


"I Killed Them All"

Damm, they should let us use theses achievements as backgrounds to customize our dashboard.

Galletto32185d ago


IIRC, r/xboxone on reddit discussed allowing achievements to be used as backgrounds with Major Nelson and it might be implemented in the (far) future.

I wouldn't say its out of the question. I mean look at the original 360 blades/backgrounds to how the final version looks.

I'd think it would be pretty bad ass to use them as backgrounds just as a point of personal pride of winning it

4Sh0w2185d ago

Thanks Galleto, I didn't know Major Nelson has already talked about it. Now come to think of it I guess if everybody who likes the idea just hit up all the xbox staff I'm sure we'd see it in a update fairly soon. No doubt it would be badass to pick any achievement as your background on the dash.

bosoxs5052185d ago

I wonder how the game will play on 360.