J-Stars Victory VS – Toriko, Beelzebub Gameplay

The latest videos feature Toriko (Toriko) and Tatsumi Oga (Beelzebub) as the human controlled characters.

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tayz2185d ago

i hope madara is next!! madara and sasuke!!

DanteVFenris6662176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

They already announced them, plus I could do without naruto. Mardara is fine but saskue is so lame. Oga from beelzebub whips the floor with those two in power and badassery. There's so many better anime then naruto it isn't even funny, naruto is just a popular one to get you into anime so you can move into more

vergilxx32184d ago

oh lol isn't th vicory burst looks different now? now it sucks
i liked the old one

moegirl2184d ago

Yes beelzebub is the best.