Lords of the Fallen More Similar to Demon’s Souls than Dark Souls, Hardcore Mode in “Plans”

OnlySP: A few new details have been revealed about Lords of the Fallen.

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DarkLord10032180d ago

And what is the big difference between dark and demons?

Palitera2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

The biggest one is that Demon's Souls exhales despair and grief on every chance, while Dark Souls is more colorful and every dialogue ends with a laughter.

Timesplitter142180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

The differences I can think of are :

- Dark Souls has slightly better lore and Demon's Souls is maybe a bit harder
- Dark Souls has a semi-open world while Demon's Souls has separate levels

On another note, I'm excited for Lords of the Fallen, but I kinda suspect LotF's world and art direction won't be quite as fascinating as the Souls games'.

rafaman2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Demons souls is way easier. I played both last month and I finished demons souls without any despair. Dark souls, on the other hand...

PSVita2180d ago

If you have to ask you'll never know.

DarkLord10032180d ago

Thanks for that redundant statement

PSVita2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

In simple terms.... It means you have to had played it to understand. You can't just ask especially with an RPG because everyone plays differently.

DarkLord10032179d ago

Oh - ok
I thought you were making fun of me - sorry ^^

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Palitera2180d ago

No offense intended, but almost all their marketing is being based on self comparisons with highest tier titles.

Wingsfan242180d ago

Those are the comparisons the press have made though, they're just responding to it. Gop often tells gamers that they're not really trying to compete with the Souls games, the major similarity is just the difficulty etc.

deadfrag2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

One on one difficulty;frankly im not liking one bit that we only fight one enemy at the time not to mention that the gameplay i seen the game did not seem in anyway to target the gameplay of Demons and Dark Souls even regarding the difficulty,that seem very normal tending to the easy actually!

Wingsfan242180d ago

You won't be fighting one enemy at a time. That's just how the bosses work. There's other generic enemies in the game as well, and being outnumbered according to the devs can become very challenging. Basically, you'll want to focus on one enemy at a time, just as you do in Dark Souls.

The reason the gameplay looked easy was basically because Gop was showing off the demo, I'm sure he knows his game better than anyone else ;)

DivineAssault 2180d ago

Interesting.. I didnt even know about this game until now.. Ill be keeping my eye on its progress.. My type of game

HighResHero2180d ago

Mine too. The fact that it needs to be differentiated from two different souls series means it has quite a few similar qualities. That fact alone got my attention. Great art style too.

admiralvic2180d ago

"Mine too. The fact that it needs to be differentiated from two different souls series means it has quite a few similar qualities."

To be fair, if a game has a similarity or two with something very popular, then the gamers (or the media anyway) will typically play up that angle of the game.

A perfect example of that is Ragnarok Odyssey, which was often compared to Monster Hunter, even though the only real similarities were large monsters and a vaguely similar synthesis system.

Dark112180d ago

There is a 7min gameplay on youtube btw.

Master-H2180d ago

To me it looks more like traditional mmo than a Souls game, looks cool tho.

RexLex2180d ago

Does not seam that way to me,.. somewhere between Dragon's Dogma and Darksiders,..

No way in hell did the compat look anything like Deamon's or Dark Souls,.. Looks arcady

Roccetarius2180d ago

Yeah, the game is looking more arcadey. It's hard to tell from the easy looking demo, but i hope it's as not forgiving as i think.

admiralvic2180d ago

"No way in hell did the compat look anything like Deamon's or Dark Souls,.. Looks arcady"

I wouldn't be surprised if the Souls series becomes the next Monster Hunter in terms of comparison. That is to say, if it's said to be difficult, looks dark and had something like a stamina bar, then it's going to be compared to Demon / Dark Souls. Similar to how if a game has an item synth system (sometimes not even this), large monsters and individual quests, then it's compared to Monster Hunter.

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