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Tyler from All Age Gaming writes "The trailer for Basement Crawl paints it as a macabre tale. A disturbing story of horror about a frightened family unable to venture outside for fear of assault by unsettling creatures that invokes the likes of Saw or I Am Legend. However the trailer and the opening cutscene might be the most blatant example of false advertising I have seen in a long while. Once you buy and install Basement Crawl it reveals itself as a multiplayer only Bomberman clone. This kind of advertising subterfuge could have been forgiven if the game was half-decent, but it isn’t."

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Snookies122182d ago

What the hell? I thought for sure this was a horror game or something... Lame.

fenome2182d ago

I was thinking the same thing, I was really interested in it when I saw the trailer. Then I saw what it really was...what the hell?! Glad I didn't buy it!

Game4life2182d ago

I thought after i saw it about picking it up since it looked like bomberman