New Mario Kart 8 “Toad Harbor” Course Revealed

Junkie Monkeys: It wasn’t long ago that the following track was revealed in a trailer for Mario Kart 8, but the new screenshot released today gives more track details than before. Take a look.

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GdaTyler2180d ago

First HD Mario Kart, can't wait.

3-4-52180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

This is the Wii U's first real system seller. It can't do it alone though. Hopefully it does lead to more consoles sold.

Beastforlifenoob2180d ago

Wait what about the other 50,000 system sellers that came before this

BX812180d ago

Between this and tropical freeze I'm half in the bag to get a wii u. If they announce the Zelda game we've all been waiting for, I'm all in.

Applejack2180d ago

I can't wait for this game to come out. I don't own a Wii U myself but I can always go over to one of my friend's houses to play it. I loved playing Mario Kart Wii.

maniacmayhem2180d ago

I feel like this game is going to return the Mario Kart series to greatness. I have been getting my Kart fix from Sonic as of late. But the true kind of karting needs to take his crown back.

Utalkin2me2180d ago

This should be a day one buy for any WiiU owner.

BattleN2180d ago

Yep! Mario kart8, X, Hyrule warriors, Smash 4, Zelda U, Fire Emblem crossover, whatever retro is cooking and other surprises!

WillGuitarGuy2180d ago

This and Smash are day one for me. Super Mario 3D World was pretty fun as well.

Geekman2180d ago

I'm more interested in that wooden bike Mario's riding.

alti2180d ago

Should we tell him those are Mario's shoes?


alti2179d ago

that's a house. STOP MAKING FUN OF NINTENDOS GRAPHICS!! lmao... but seriously, the screen shot does suck. I can see how you can be mistaken (potentially) twice.

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