Destiny: Everything We Know About Bungie's New Game in a Massive 40 Minute Long Video

Bungie shared a lot of information about its incoming online shooter Destiny, but it’s scattered all over the net and some of it is quite obscure. The good folks at the YouTube channel Destiny Updates just came to the rescue publishing a massive 40 minute long video with all the information you may want to know about the game.

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2184d ago
deadfrag2184d ago

This is the game that will reign on consoles it looks wonderfull in every aspect!

3-4-52184d ago

This is the game I'm going to buy a PS4 for. I'm buying other games for sure, but this will be purchase #1.

Eonjay2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

This game is gonna be huge. I'm watching this on my PS4. All you have to do is go to '' pair your phone for easier navigation. Works flawlessly.

lonewolfjedi2184d ago

great vid, alot of info enjoyed it.

nicksetzer12184d ago

trying to decide if its worth watching is there anything really worthwhile in that video or is it more of like a Vidoc about development process and art style etc ?

lonewolfjedi2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

its more of a podcast but its worth watching if you don't know alot about destiny already especially the story of destiny, the races, co-op, and competitive multiplayer, and it has time stamps if you only want see what really interests you.

nicksetzer12184d ago

Sweet, timestamps seals it for me, i'll just watch the parts i din't know about. Thanks.

ThanatosDMC2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

The weird thing is it seems like Warframe has better abilities/powers compared to Destiny. The card system also makes Warframe power's unique to each player.

I hope Destiny improves the ability system.

SITH2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

You say that like you have played destiny. The game has many months till release, I am confident plenty has not been revealed as is the way of bungie. They know how to keep things sealed.

ThanatosDMC2183d ago

^Nope, i'm basing this off of the videos Bungie has released.

I want Destiny to be a great game.

Ashunderfire862183d ago

Destiny will blow the water out of Warframe, and turn it into WarShame.

mochachino2184d ago

How about a summary video.

FragMnTagM2184d ago

It was worth the watch.

This is looking really amazing. It is so different from everything else that it takes a long video like this to explain everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.