10 Comic Characters Still Waiting for Video Game Justice

Comic book characters have been making the jump to video games for decades, yet the majority of these games tend to – well, they tend to suck.
More recently we have seen Batman and the Arkham series take the gaming world by storm, but even Batman has his Dark Tomorrow. Spider-Man has seen a number of games in his history, with a few hitting the mark, and many more falling short.

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SpiralTear2190d ago

Tek Jansen and The Flaming C. I'd play a game about those guys.

yewles12189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

"Offending Game - All of them, but especially the travesty known as Superman 64 (Titus Software)."

Shadow of Apokolips was GOOD, dammit... T_T

eaise2189d ago

Those Spawn games were definitely good. And I found the fantastic four game to be fun for a play through. Haven't played some of the games listed in the article. But many of the games listed were actually pretty good. Though I may be the only one that thought so. To each there own.

WeAreLegion2189d ago

Not clicking through those links. Freakin' whatculture...

DualWielding2188d ago

have to disagree with turtles in time being the only good TNMT turtles 2 and 3 for the NES were great and the arcade games they were based on were even better

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