The Order: 1886 Devs Explain Tech for Shadows and Materials; "Just Getting Started" Maxing Out PS4

The upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 definitely pushes the technological envelope on many aspects of its rendering, and Ready at Dawn's Graphics and Engine Programmer Matt Pettineo has been sharing what kind of techniques have been used to achieve the level of realism we're seeing in the game, while CTO Andrea Pessino denied firmly that the PS4's power is being maxed out.

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NewMonday2178d ago

"Maxing out?! We are just getting started… ; )"

straight from the horse's mouth

2178d ago
2178d ago
mikel10152178d ago

Just getting started? I thought this game was in development for like 4 years?

Abriael2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

They're just getting started with maxing out PS4, meaning they're not even close. It has nothing to do with development time.

PoSTedUP2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

i almost didnt know what they meant 'cause the title almost makes it sound like they are starting to max out the ps4 lol. title: "'just getting started' [far from maxing-out PS4]" i think would have made the most sense, maybe im wrong tho im not an expert on grammar, puntuation or sentence structure.

Abriael2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

edit: meh, double comment, sorry.

Qrphe2178d ago

PS4 hardware wasn't done until not even a year before release

Applejack2178d ago

Wait, didn't they just say they were close to maxing out ps4's power a day ago? Now it's just getting started? It's too early in this console generation to be maxing anything out as you can tell last generation.

Abriael2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

See my comment right at the top in that post? Where I say that the one that said that was a completely unrelated person that not only didn't work on The Order, but isn't even a developer (he's a marketing manager)?

Should have believed me :D

MidnytRain2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

"Where I say that the one that said that was a completely unrelated person that not only didn't work on The Order..."

That was... a little confusing for me to read, lol

Applejack2178d ago

Oh, I didn't realize that it applied with my comment, sorry about that.

Qrphe2178d ago


Who? Two different individuals

starchild2178d ago

The truth is, it doesn't work the way most people think it does. The devs of this game are going to be essentially maxing out the PS4's hardware with this game, but that doesn't mean that other games won't max out the hardware more EFFICIENTLY in the future.

That's the key point. It's not about maxing out the hardware or not maxing out the hardware, it's about how efficiently you use the hardware.

dcj05242177d ago

EXACTLY. You can Max out the PS4 by just adding a 100000000 of extremely complex physics objects and boom " I have maxed out the PS4" but if you figure out ways to increase performance like simplifying the geometry or making the code in the engine more optimized.

MisterFantastic2178d ago

"Maxing out" or not, people need to stop complaining and enjoy what these developers are doing with this holy console. I don't care if The Order maxed out the PS4 or not, but we can all agree on 2 things.
1. This game look gorgeous as fuck (better than Beowulf visuals)
2. This $400 was well spent

MisterFantastic2178d ago

P.S, the people who say graphics aren't everything, I'm starting to question their motive for buying a next gen console =\

starchild2178d ago

True, but by the same token I'm wondering why people don't game on the PC if graphics are so important to them.

Graphics ARE important to me and it's part of why I mostly game on the PC, but graphics aren't everything.

If it's ok for you to shun the PC in favor of the PS4, then you are implicitly agreeing that graphics aren't everything. It's no different than the Xbox or Nintendo guys saying "yeah, the PS4 has better graphics, but graphics aren't everything and I choose my console for other reasons".

aragon2178d ago

Good point starchild you got the nail on the head

webeblazing2177d ago

maybe, just maybe the new games. they know the last gen consoles is not going to be supported for long. if these not much games being release on a old console, than where are you going to play new games???

i question people that asks why they buy a new system if gfx dont matter, like people dont enjoy playing new games.

quick question because because i always ask this to people that bring up gfx. if sony and ms pulled a nintendo and release their console like the wiiU(not that much gfx jump, but tries something different) would yall be raging? would yall skip this gen? would yall say gfx dont matter?

mysteryraz112175d ago

because you dont have to build a ps4 and at launch ps4 games look like this, which destroys the pcs games in graphics and you know it, you should be asking yourself whats the point of building a gaming pc if a 400 console produces graphics like with only 3 months in into its life cycle

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2175d ago
killzone6192178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

"holy console"

cool on the fanboyism. Ps4 doesnt even support external hard-drives XD

Tempest3172177d ago

How does the lack of a feature have any relevance to this thread, or his comment? His comment at least was pertinent to the discussion.

younglj012178d ago

Hopefully this-gen we will see more SP and MP only games so that these genres can be push even more....

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