Some new MGSV info: healing spray, length and footprints

A while ago Konami organized a Boot Camp where international press got a chance to play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Spanish gaming magazine Hobby Consolas was there as well, and there some new bits of information can be found in their cover story.

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Eamon2180d ago

18 days for us Brits :/

bienio2180d ago

Probably forever for Pc players😠

CrossingEden2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I do not believe for one second that someone spent over 100 hours trying to find all of the secrets in this game. How many of those hours were spent backtracking and searching the same areas over and over while replaying missions? And I gotta say healing sprays are very immersion breaking imo, never understood them in RE games, but then again they started using healing pills recently...

Batzi2180d ago

they wouldn't be called secrets if you knew exactly where to look would they now?

Dead_Cell2180d ago

With all the weird crap in MGS, it's healing sprays that breaks your immersion?

Yui_Suzumiya2179d ago

Yeah, like breaking the fourth wall


A photosynthesizing old man dead when I came back, I can't know who I'm fighting with thanks to some weird hyptonisis for personality swap, I've learned to not trust that the character I'm apparently starting the game with will be my main character (I even waited the whole first act of MGS4 for Snake to drop the old guy disguise), not to mention many (and I mean MANY) times directly breaking the fourth wall (In Metal Gear Big Boss told me to turn off my console, in Metal Gear 2 Roy Campbell explained me the rules of battlefield in a shooting game, in MGS Psycho Mantis readed my cards and there was a whole sequence about the game's music, in MGS4 Otacon comparing experiences throughout different consoles and so on).

I enjoyed all of that "weird crap". So I agree, I think I can handle a little healing spray without it breaking the immersion for me. It's not like I don't know I'm just playing the game, instead of actually being part of it.

Ivxn2180d ago

´´They point out the Fox Engine looks ‘simply spectacular’, with the best facial animation in the industry.´´ bye bye RYSE :)

Batzi2180d ago

Ryse is meh and can't believe you actually compared it to an MGS game :P

chrissx2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Cool stuff.So snake now uses heal spray ala residet evil. Don't know what to make of that :/ I'll be playing this 4 sure

Batzi2180d ago

He used rations before. Same shit different ingredient.

vallencer2180d ago

Rations made more sense though. Rations are a box of food to eat to recover energy. A healing spray is just a spray to heal yourself. They are NOT the same shit.

Dead_Cell2180d ago

Food makes more sense than a spray called "Healing"..?

Plasticgearsolid2180d ago

@vallencer so if I was shot I just eat and I'm better. Healing spray with medical benefits makes more sense in my book.

Ratty2180d ago

They had life med in MGS3 as well while Rations only recovered your stamina.

Baccra172179d ago

@dead cell

Army friend told if injured or hurt to eat a MRE.
So yeah.

Also this is MGS, spray probably has nanobots in it.

vallencer2179d ago


For the most part every MGS game has been like that. But 3 added the ability to bandage and take bullets out. So if it was kept like 3 then yes rations with that make more sense then healing spray. I mean realistically we are arguing over video game logic which doesn't make sense at all. I'm just pointing out a more realistic argument. Healing sprays aren't real but rations and MREs are real. Plus MGS has always been about rations it's just a little odd is all.

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Meltic2180d ago

first this cost 40$ in my store now it cost 20$ on ps4. pre ordered this and infamous togheter for 70$

MrChicagoWind2179d ago

How are you getting it for $20 on PS4?!

Meltic2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

From a good Swedish website with good prices. Infamous second son cost only 50$ there right now if preorder and MGS 20$ on ps4. I Always pre order my games there. Save some randoms for food hehe

Ninjatogo2179d ago

What's the website, and do they sell US versions?

Meltic2179d ago

they dont sell out too us. But the website is

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The story is too old to be commented.