Banished Review | Quarter to Three

"What really kills Banished for me is the overwhelming sense of pointlessness. There are no goals, no scenarios, no unlockables, no longterm luxury goods or endgame wonders or upper level populations or advanced buildings. There is no finale. There is, instead, a world without end. When your people all starve to death, the clock keeps running. There will be no score, no stats, no records, no monuments, no sign that you were ever even here. It is always and only one of those sandbox games that’s more sandbox than game."

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CaptainPunch2190d ago

Hey, look it's this dude again. Must be fun hating on every game.

coolbeans2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

He's definitely more negative than others, but he certainly seemed to be a huge fan of recent releases like Tearaway and Rayman Legends.