Pokemon On Netflix Does Not Include Entire Indigo League

"Just the other day, it was announced the long-running Pokemon anime would be finally making its way to Netflix today, March 1. However, we were told it would not be the full series, but rather just season one and the first season of the Black & White era. Many assumed that we would be getting the full run of Indigo League episode based on the description given in the press release, but sadly that is not the case."


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Majin-vegeta2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Oh god i'm prepared for the Butterfree episode again.

FalconSabre2179d ago

Between that one and the Pikachu's Goodbye episode, I don't think I am ready.

ForgottenProphecy2179d ago

Does this article really belong on N4G? It should be on Anime Shinbun. Just because there is a Pokemon video game doesn't mean this has anything to do with it....

contradictory2179d ago

you beat me to it... also the anime really hasn't got THAT much in common with the games anyways

like Pikachu winning against rock-type..
it's a lie, LIE I TELLS YOU!

try it, defeating that Onix with a Pikachu, you'll never do it.

Baylex2179d ago

@Contradictory LOL yeah that's true indeed, trying to fight an Onix with a Pikachu is futile ahah

PygmelionHunter2179d ago

Of all the thumbnails they could've chosen... :'(

nosferatuzodd2179d ago

you mean only season one ? bad netflix very bad

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The story is too old to be commented.