Watch Tony Hawk Explain His New Game to Larry King

Larry King just can’t believe that someone can skateboard on your phone.

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WeAreLegion2190d ago

Man, that's difficult to watch. Larry is bored. Tony looks and sounds defeated. I can't imagine he even wants to sell this product.

2190d ago
2190d ago
vivid832190d ago

this is not what I was expecting for the next tony hawk game smh

Soldierone2190d ago

Kinda felt like Larry had an lost memory moment there.... lol

larry "When is it coming?"
"This year"
Larry "You can skateboard on your phone?"
"Yeah, well you swipe...."
Larry "How close it is? When will it come out?"
"This year"
Larry "So my wife can play it this year?

Summons752190d ago

lol give him a break...the guy is going to outlive all of us o_o

RyuCloudStrife2190d ago

yeah that was funny Tony's like I just said THIS YEAR!

sungam3d2190d ago

Yeah, but to Larry that's a lifetime away.

HotMess2190d ago

Larry and his hard hitting journalism.

ironfist922190d ago

Shouldve seen Larry tlak to Seth Green about the upscoming Batman/Superman film.

Larry would not shut the hell up and let Seth talk. Its obvious he knows absolutely nothing of the things he tries to talk about.

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