Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.1 Is incredible

From Vault of the Gameverse:

"The new loot system is what mattered the most to me. That made all of the other changes worth caring about now. Now, Diablo 3 patch 2.0.1 has introduced me to a brand new game. With the previous patches included, I get to explore the familiar world but with so many awesome updates.

I really didn't think the loot system would ever get better. They made two major patches before that were supposed to improve the loot and they did not. I returned to the game each time the loot was supposed to be improved only to be severely disappointed. This time around it really worked. I am ridiculously excited over these new changes and I cannot wait for Reaper of Souls."

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Meltic2189d ago

´Have played much on d3 and i can say that i miss the old diablo.

JoGam2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

I played Diablo 3 for the first time as a demo on the PS3 and enjoyed it. Been waiting for the PS4 version since. What the deal on the release date?

Meltic2189d ago

d3 has so many problem but seems like blizzard finally trying to fix those issues. One of them was the auction house. I will not buy the new expansion pack.

parentoftheyear2189d ago

I am very excited for d3 on ps4 as well. Hoping for second screen app/remote play for inventory screen though. From videos I've watched local gameplay impossible with more than 1 player cause inventory screen.

vallencer2189d ago

You know they're getting rid of the auction house right? They are getting everything right so it's a shame you aren't getting the exp pack.

Meltic2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

well now when AH is gone and the loot i promise you aint gona get better. People is complaining again and again and again. Like i said the old diablo was the best. I remember playing with all my friends and had fun. Me and my friends had fun on d3 too but not same as Before. In the old Days :). Miss the paladin etc... and necro. And the pvp in d3 is a shame. Using pvp in d2 was very fun sometimes but here it isn't.

Odoylerules0002188d ago

@Meltic: On the contrary, it IS better. Way better. Blizzard fixed so much about the game that even though I couldn't bring myself to do a single full run-through before, my friends and I are playing the shit out of the game now.

sinspirit2189d ago

I don't like having enemies scale-level to me, at least not every enemy in the game like this article suggests.

Germ_the_Nobody2188d ago

Why? The difficulty is still increased when you choose the harder game level. It's based on damage done/taken and abilities used and such rather than the enemies being higher level. It works really well so far from what I've seen.

sinspirit2188d ago


Yeah, it works well for level-scaling systems. But, I want to feel like I've progressed and I don't want the whimpy enemies of another area to be tougher than they should be. Leveling up traditionally was supposed to make only you stronger, not everyone else too. If people are going to use auto-leveling then they might as well just do away attribute systems and put it all into abilities.

vallencer2189d ago

I have to ask, have you even tried the new patch? Because the loot drops are a million times better. If you haven't tried the patch then don't talk like you know whats going to happen after the AH gets removed. It's already better and the AH is still there right now. I get your nostalgia that you have for d2, trust me, but i firmly believe that they changed things for the better. That's also my opinion as well. I am glad to see that you at least had some fun playing d3 but trust me when i say this expansion is going to make d3 a much much better game. That's coming from someone who was in the beta.

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MonChiChi2189d ago

This patch is great. I am back into playing d3! didn't think I'd ever say that.

Neixus2189d ago

Blizzard managed to fix their game, now it's Dice's turn..

JoGam2189d ago

And Guerrilla Games. Killzone Shadow Falls still lags horribly.

reef10172189d ago

i just want to know when its coming to PS4.

kythlyn2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

2.01 is fantastic. Case and point, I made a new character just to test out what progression feels like starting from scratch. The Skeleton King dropped TWO LEGENDARY pieces of equipment. One of them had an ability on it that spawns four orbs that rotate around my character when I attack nearby enemies. The orbs explode on contact for great AoE damage. It is quite simply the most FUN piece of gear I've ever found in Diablo III. I'm going to really miss it when I have to replace it, but on the other hand, with Loot 2.0, I know I can look forward to more fun loot like this in the future.

Germ_the_Nobody2189d ago

That's amazing. I didn't have the same luck on my new Hardcore toon but the gear has been much better than it ever was before. It really has blown my mind. I pre-ordered Reaper of Souls because of this patch.

HacSawJimThugin2189d ago

It sucks Blizzard hasn't announced anything for the 360 or Xbox One...

deadfrag2188d ago

Reaper of Souls will come to the Xbox360,Xboxone and PS3 also.

Tdmd2188d ago

Are you sure? I thought it was for ps4/xbone only. It'd be really great being able to get this on my ps3. Also, is this patch available to consoles?

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