Top 10 Greatest PSP Games of All-Time

"Clearly the right thing to do is to keep the train rolling by counting down the greatest games to ever grace Sony’s first handheld gaming device — the PlayStation Portable. While it never reached the success of its rival at Nintendo, the PSP proudly boasted a library full of classic releases.

So which are the ten greatest?" - Velox

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PoSTedUP2559d ago

ew, 10 pages.

#10: Daxter
#9: i wouldnt know
#8: i wouldnt know
#7: ...etc.

my 10 in no specific order:
both GoW
Gran Turismo
both GTA's (lc/vc)
syphon filter

oh look, almost everything that Should be on the Vita...

SilentNegotiator2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Daxter was a great game. I wish the new handhelds had more 3D platformers (not fixed camera, barely 3D games with 2D sensibilities - those are not the same as traditional 3D platformers).

3-4-52558d ago

Vita has sly & Cly collection coming.

SilentNegotiator2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

If it's anything like the poorly done Jak collection on Vita, I don't care.

Besides, I'd rather play some NEW traditional 3D platformers.

PoSTedUP2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

yeah sadly not too many 3D platformers. i didnt hear anything bad about sly collection tho. the best thing would be for vita to get a Spyro. That would be the day..

havent played daxter yet, was tempted numerous times to get it on the store. the best 3D platformers are on PS1 and N64, imo.

OhMyGandhi2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

absolutely loved the syphon filters game on psp. Have yet to play peace walker or any of the god of war games on psp. Also a huge fan of Daxter, and Secret Agent Clank, as well as Crush, and Chinatown Wars.

I must have left my psp out in the (literal) cold too long because every time I turn the camera, the ghosting effect has become worse and worse.

I've yet to pick up a vita, and I am so tempted because it has SO MUCH potential.

For me, I want a damned solid FPS on the vita to convince me to buy one, or a game like ICO or Shadow of the Colossus to be playable on the vita.

I'm craving innovative, quirky platformers like Tearaway or something.
I would love to see what Double Fine can with the system.

I want something like "Voodoo Vince" that just randomly came out on the original xbox. no real hype or anything, just a solid platformer with an interesting premise. I want THOSE kinds of experiences.

PoSTedUP2558d ago

omg PW could be ported to ps3 and be considered MGSV, it was so good.

am still yet to play daxter (was gonna buy it numerous times on the vita, only like 6-7 bucks on the stote). never even heard of Crush...

yeah the psp had bad ghosting, but maybe the screen is finally going...

and KillzoneM is a solid FPS for online, i like it better than KZ2&3, its really smooth and they GC did everything right. the campaign isnt bad, the missions are alright, nothing special, great gameplay and amazing graphics etc.

but thats about it for fps untill borderlands2

DVAcme2558d ago

"oh look, almost everything that Should be on the Vita... "

Nail on the friggin' head. And I'd add the Falcom games(Legend of Heroes, Ys) to that list as well. Hell, the PSP was a JRPG machine, for the life of me I don't know why the Vita hasn't followed suit.

PoSTedUP2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

yeah psp and ps1 were the jrpg kings. the vita did just get Ys not too long ago tho. i blame sonys marketing; the games follow the sales. and there are a bunch of JRPGs over on the JP store that just dont get localized, i assume? i still play ps1/psl jrpgs (that ive missed, i wasnt big on jrpgs back in the day), then im jumping to PS2&3 before i buy a ps4. sux that the vita doesnt have too many, or any solid 3D platformers (i.e. the things that woukd push hardware).

dedicatedtogamers2558d ago



Tempest3172558d ago

My personal favorites are FT: WotL, MHFU, Dissidia 012, Burnout, also both GoW...i just discovered the Ad hoc Party app on ps3 recently, and it works with the vita! I cant believe I didnt know about this when it came out in 09, mhfu would have been sooo much better playing online! Does anyone here still use it?

PoSTedUP2558d ago

oh you didnt know? yeah i think it was the only way to play socomFTB3 online. and no i dont use it anymore, the socom servers were shut down. idk about MHFU, and wonder if i could play online with the vita if the servers are still up; and with psp players. thats a stretch tho lol.

ThanatosDMC2557d ago

Yugioh Tag Force 4 or 5

Spent as much time on each game as if it were a Monster Hunter game.

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Tapani2558d ago

How about: Tactics Ogre, FFT, Type-0. Valkyria Chronicles II-III, MGS:PW, GoW games and FFVII:CC and Patapon :)

BiggCMan2558d ago

Most of these are listed, did you read the article?

nugnugs2558d ago

I'm gonna throw Gunpey out there as well. My favourite puzzle game ever. So much better than lumines IMO.

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