New Alien: Isolation screenshot marks conclusion of Big Tease Week

To conclude their five-day long Big Tease Week, Sega and The Creative Assembly issued this exclusive, new screenshot via their Facebook page of their upcoming first-person survival horror exploration game.

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ObiWanaTokie2186d ago

I, REALLY am hoping for something special from this. the cool part is that expectations for these small titles are already at a low so if its really good it feels almost better than playing gta v and loving it but knowing you are going to love it already.

fingers crossed

Wagz222186d ago

I really hope this is good...but if this is alittle better than colonial marines that's not saying much lol

Shakengandulf2186d ago

Can we not speak of colonial marines thanks.
It did enough damage.

xx4xx2186d ago

Enough damage to the Alien franchise....and to Gearbox. After the whole fiasco, my opinion of them has drastically dropped.

Whatsupdog2186d ago

Dont worry this will be good....or at least much better than CM IMHO. FIrst off this isnt a shooter, plus its like one monster stalking you randomly throughout the game while you stealthily move around and try to craft items to evade/misguide it I think. Sounds better already to me :-)

mogwaii2186d ago

This will be good, i can feel it in my chest.

killzzo2186d ago

are you sure you weren't face raped by a facehugger during your sleep

Rhezin2186d ago


ObiWanaTokie2185d ago

as long as the alien is smart and random and not set moments like outlast. if the thing is random and you happen to get into chases where you are locking doors and its just ripping through the grates then we have something on our hands here

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