The white savior at the black heart of Assassin’s Creed IV

AWESOMEoutof10's Jonathan Moore sets sail into the rocky waters of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and discovers not everything is quite what it seems. "What’s more disturbing and regrettable is the seemingly disconnected way we view the embodiment of such issues and, more importantly, how Ubisoft actively asserts a savior mentality into the gamer’s framework by setting him in the role of the white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed hero. Like some archaic, Leonardo-constructed Batman, Black Flag’s leading man swoops into the fray and rescues the seemingly incapable black or Hispanic from ostensibly insurmountable situations or odds."

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xavierbigdaddy19722182d ago

I agree. Its a shame i could not change his color on the game

RedDeadLB2182d ago

A lot of big fancy words for an otherwise very stupid article.

First of all, the modern society is very easily offended. So much so that most people get offended in someone else's behalf nowadays, which is as annoying as it is idiotic.

Second of all, there isn't a quota of how many protagonists in video games have to be of a specific race, nor should there be one.

Third of all, of all the AC protagonists only three are white. So you chose the wrong game for your stupid argument.

And fourth and final, AC depicts history quite accurately, so for a series that prides itself in history it would be a major mistake NOT to portray history as it was - as racist and bad as it was.

I stopped reading at about half way because not only is this text difficult to read for someone who isn't a native English speaker, but it also seems like the author's trying to make himself look smart and by doing so easily loses the point he was trying to make.

ImmortalWaster2182d ago

If you hadn't given up half way through you would know that the article isn't about ethnicity quotas. And that it's about Black Flag specificially, so it doesn't matter if other AC's have non-white protagonists.

You point out that AC depicts history quite accurately, but you didn't need to point that out because the article agrees with you: "There’s no mistaking that, at least for the majority of the gameplay experience, Ubisoft’s crafted the world of Assassin’s Creed IV accurately; in certain places it’s pitch perfect. The history portrayed, while slightly skewed to fit a particularly pointed narrative, is nevertheless boldly representative of life among the pirates in the 18th century."

But the piece isn't about historical accuracy, it's about the concept of the white saviour, which is a problematic element that's been pervasive throughout Western literature since people started writing colonial fiction. The article explains this clearly, and it's in the title.

Just because you couldn't read or understand it, it doesn't mean the article is "stupid".