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We Got This Covered wrote:

When I reviewed Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Ultimate Edition, I stated that while it wasn’t the 3D Castlevania game I had been waiting for, it was a serviceable title. Not great, definitely not horrible, but decidedly something worth playing for a fan of the franchise. As such, I was pretty stoked when I found out I would be the one reviewing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, thinking that they may have cleaned up the glaring faults and finally found a way to offer what I was looking for. I couldn’t wait for the return of Dracula, and to see where this storyline ended up. However, now that I’ve wrapped up my time with the game, I can safely say that Dracula isn’t the only thing that sucks here.

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starchild2180d ago

Nope. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is better than the first game in just about every way.

Roccetarius2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Overall i would only say the combat is better, but the combos are largely useless due to enemies barely flinching. This is more of a problem than in the first game.

Pretty much all of the modern day stuff is boring and uninspired, while the Castle sections are the most interesting. The story also has wasted potential, and that's probably because of Eric Alvarez.

Now that we know the Main Art Director is working on Rime instead, we know why the art wasn't as great.

Jughead34162180d ago

I think the reviewer's score is overexaggerated based on the frustration of how great they could've made this game. I do agree with him on the stealth missions. It's cool when you start out as a weak Dracula. But 7 hours into the game, when you're a very powerful Dracula again, I shouldn't be hiding from enemies that are much weaker than some of the bosses I just finished killing. Then it's such a buzz kill also. Just when it's getting fun, I have to turn into a rat that can't do anything but run around. This is one of the most useless and unnecessary game mechanics I can remember. This game still recieved much too low review scores. I'd give it a 7/10

showtimefolks2180d ago

they really didn't need to make so many drastic changes, the first game was very good and only few things needed to be refined

More focused story
better combat
Improve platforming sections

improve these 4 and keep everything else the same and we could be looking at LOS2 as a 9/10 or above. I hope there is a patch that removes some of the unnecessary stuff

deadfrag2180d ago

What unnecessary stuff? The stealth sections?Thats not going to happen because its part of the game history not to mention is coded in engine;i never saw deleting parts of a game just because people didnt like!QTE and other stuff can be turn off in the menu already!

plmkoh2180d ago

Don't know why people complain about the stealth sections, played through the game bracing myself for the 'moment' that all the reviews talk about, but it never came. There were stealth events, but they were so easy, since they gimped all the enemies line of sight. Did I miss something?


Personally I love the game. 8/10 easy

starchild2179d ago

Yeah, me too. I couldn't care less what some of these journalists think. Some journalists get it and some don't, but the majority of gamers seem to like the game.