70° Weekly Racing Video Game News Episode 15: Left turn ahead

VVV: "In episode 15, we cover the release of NASCAR '14 from Eutechnyx, which launched just in time for the Daytona 500; a momentous motorsport occasion in the US, so I'm told. Unfortunately, though, it's not out in the UK until the end of March. So we handed it over to VVV's resident US correspondent and self-confessed NASCAR enthusiast Cody, who brought us a series of first look gameplay videos. My only gripe was was that his races were decidedly clean - after all, you can't have a NASCAR race without some sort of spectacular pileup."

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STARRHUNTER292189d ago

Same as last year just Ai is stuiped in cant bump into some one with out a crash ..not happy at all VOMIT.......I wish dirt would. Grab nascar it be done right