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Entertainment Buddha's Raymond Porreca writes, "Square Enix’s reboot of the venerable Thief series should have stuck to the shadows that the game’s protagonist, Garret, so often prides himself on hiding in. Thief has all the marks of a game that should have a lot going for it, but instead falls short in countless areas. Everything about Thief - ironically – feels stolen, half-baked plots, linear design and downright annoying moments all combine to make the player feel like they have been robbed their hard earned money."

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zRude2190d ago

I'd say. Don't listen any game reviews. If you have doubts about the game, and you don't want to spent money to it in risk if its sucks. Just pirate the game illegally, since its pretty much the ONLY way to test the game. Since nobody makes DEMO's anymore.
And not everyone have friends who owns the game.

And if you like the game after testing it after playing the pirated game. Just buy it.

iceman13462190d ago

i've been playing this game since yesterday and quite frankly i give this game a solid 8.5

1OddWorld2190d ago

8.5 is what I rated it as well. I think these reviewers wish Garrett was a Master "Swordsmen" or a Master "Chef" rather than immersing themselves in a game and becoming Garrett the Master "Thief".

The game has some flaws but the game does not deserve a score of 4.5 out of 10.

Bennibop2190d ago

I have been hooked since release trying get undetect playthroughs! Turn this custom difficulty right up and give it a try! Would suggest if you enjoyed stealthing dishonoured then pick this game up!

1OddWorld2190d ago

"Lockdown" took me like 7 hours of trial and error and searching to find all loot but the last attempt I got 100% of the loot undetected in just under 30min.

No walk throughs being used takes a while to find everything but it is well worth it to become a Master Thief :D

Silly Mammo2190d ago

Played about 6 hours. Having a blast! Really don't understand the piling on of this game. It seems gamers and reviewers get it in their heads to hate a game going into it and nothing will change their minds and they'll find fault in every little thing. It used to be reviewers would try to find the positives in games now they gleefully try to find every negative.

1OddWorld2190d ago

Reviewers suck balls. USA today did a review of the game. Japan has a nuclear meltdown years ago which you can find traces of all over the globe and these idiots are writing a snuff piece. {{{{WTF}}}}!!!!