PlayStation All-Stars Patch Status Updated ‘It is coming’

SCE Santa Monica Studio has updated fans regarding the status of their much anticipated patch for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

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BrianSharon2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

All-Stars has a strong cult following, I'm glad to hear that they'll be receiving this patch.

BattleN2182d ago

I wonder what needs fixing, mabe balancing issues?
Since Smash is coming mabe they want to prepare for possible sales increase from those who without a nintendo console cant scratch that smash bros itch lol

XisThatKid2181d ago

Most of the comments on here are surprisingly positive. I love this game and throw monthly tournys at my house I can't wait. I hope it sees a IGC entry as well. There are so many people on the fence with this game and most people I know try it, like it.

The community for this game is very dedicated and hopefully we get some appreciation.

thejigisup2182d ago

Ok so what about real support for the game. my desire to play this game has dwindled and off like to really find a reason to come back, hopefully a next gen psabr is in the works.

BattleN2182d ago

They need to out right copy the smash bros formula tho so that it pressures nintendo to push harder and better

Plasticgearsolid2182d ago

I would not feel bad at all playing a complete copy as well. The major downside to the game for me was that it centered around power up kills and not ring outs

admiralvic2181d ago

"They need to out right copy the smash bros formula"

I don't think they need to outright copy SSB, but I do think they should be open to being a little more derivative of SSB. A perfect example of this is Jump Super / Ultimate Stars, which has several SSB like elements, but has its own elements too.

thejigisup2180d ago

The pressure was there for a brief moment but they dropped the ball when proper support was killed off and the devs changed hands. I dont think SSM needed to take the reigns but i think psabr had a great foundation with tons of room to grow. the roster is decent and all but i mean they really just needed to go wild. Next time theyll knock it out of the park im sure.

MegaRay2182d ago

Great! Hope they port it to PS4 "I still have my PS3 but for the sales sake

goldwyncq2182d ago

A PS4 sequel would be very welcome.

LKHGFDSA2182d ago

needs a sequel to rival the next smash bros

WeAreLegion2181d ago

I don't think it matters what they do. I personally enjoy this much more than any Smash game, but people will always love Smash more. No idea why, either. The Sony characters are easier for me to like. They have better stories. They're more interesting.

crusf2181d ago

I personally love both games people need to stop comparing these two games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2181d ago

uh maybe because you grew up with playstation

XisThatKid2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You'll get crucified with talk like that but your not alone I see comments like this often. Honestly myself have nearly no interest in ANY new Smash and PSAS has Nothing to do with it. I like the Differences in the two I like the different play style. If they made it ring out there should be multiple diff modes like Super Kills, Ring Outs, Stamina or life, or even something brand new even be able to select multiple ways to kill or score.
Better netcode is my only real complaint.

WeAreLegion2181d ago

Nope. I grew up with Nintendo. When the PS1 came out, I started getting both Nintendo and Sony systems. Sony has better stories.

ShadowHarp2181d ago

A lot of nintendo's recent games have had amazing stories, highly recommend them.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2181d ago

lol Smash is too good to have a rival

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