Analyzing Nintendo's Studios: Third Party Collaborations

"Our look at Nintendo’s studios is nearly complete. We have looked at their internal teams, their first-party subsidiaries, and their second-party partnerships. Now, we are going to examine their third-party collaborations. Over the years, Nintendo has partnered up with many different companies and, if recent claims are to be believed, it seems that they will be joining up with even more.

However, this article will not be some wishlist of what partnerships I hope come to fruition; rather, it will look at the studios they have collaborated with in the past to discover if they might do so again — and if so, how. Also, do keep in mind that this is not a look at how these companies are currently supporting Nintendo, but rather, how they have joined forces for publishing and developing games."

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DryBoneKoopa852185d ago

Super Mario RPG 2 please!!!

DivineAssault 2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

That would be sweet! Hopefully by some competent developers because square isnt like it used to be.. However there are some gems like bravely default & world ends with you on handhelds.. Keeping my fingers crossed for a console Mario RPG by dedicated devs utilizing all they can on wii u

wonderfulmonkeyman2185d ago

Wait, nearly over?
Aren't they going to do some coverage on Nintendo's expansive and far stronger push for supporting Indie devs?

81jono812185d ago

This was more about the Nintendo published and developed stuff. they did do the 120+ games list, though