Twitch Plays Pokemon defeats the Elite Four and thousands of people become Pokemasters together

“RED defeated BLUE!” It seemed impossible, but somehow thousands of people managed to work together (sort of) and complete Pokemon Red through popular gaming live-streaming site, Twitch.

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Snookies122180d ago

Seriously...? It actually happened? Wow.

Applejack2180d ago

I couldn't believe it either but after seeing this you have to wonder, what other type of games can gamers work together to beat?

Snookies122180d ago

Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I'm curious as well... As a side note, I love that name in the picture lol. "AA-j"

TopDudeMan2180d ago

Yeah, I mean with the lag you get on it it'd be like playing pokemon by pressing random buttons.

BiggCMan2180d ago

Yea I can't believe this ever caught on. To me it was always pathetic that people would slave away at this thing and try to make it progress.

If it's a few people then sure, but THOUSANDS of people all making the game go crazy and stay in the same spot for hours/days is just pathetic to me and not fun at all.

A friend of mine kept trying to get me into it, and I just told him how sad he was. Sorry if I offend anyone, but please live your life.

There's a difference in watching people play games normally, to watching a game do nothing for hours on end.

thehitman2180d ago

I agree this is kinda stupid, but also its a great human experiment project lol. To get thousands of random people to focus on one goal is quite a feat. Whether we agree with participating in the process or not is another thing.

vallencer2180d ago

They are living their lives though. By watching that stream and being a part of it. Just because they aren't living life by your standard doesn't mean they aren't living. What isn't fun to you is fun to THOUSANDS of other people. You're a gamer, or at least you should be if you're on this site, so you should understand that not everyone thinks the same things are fun. No one is sad just because they liked doing something you didn't like.

Also a lot of those "people" watching were bots playing the game off of coding.

What I don't get it is you say it's ok to watch people stream games on twitch normally but they can't do so while being a part of the game? That makes no sense at all. At least with the second option they are doing more then just sitting their watching someone play.

And no I am not offended by your comment because i think the stream was great and think it was a really cool idea and glad they are going to keep doing it. It was just hard for me not to have a rebuttal.

webeblazing2179d ago

ignorance at its finest. its not my cup of tea but i would never say that about something other people enjoy. people enjoy different things in this world. most of what you said could be applied to early gamers. how thousands of people playing games and staying in the same spot for hours is pathetic. where would we be if everyone look down different activities that others enjoy.

Summons752180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

It only happened because the creator decided to add in Anarchy/Democracy voting to 'weed out trolls' but whenever the slightest challenge they would spam Democracy to get by it. That sorta ruined it, it was funny to watch all hell break loose and the character fumble around only to progress like five feet.

If the experiment that this was for was to see how well people can come together under the original conditions to resolve the problem at hand then I'm guessing humanity failed because they had to add in the help option. Still amusing to the end though, can't wait to see if they continued the series.

Gasian2179d ago

Ya and it won't end either. Pokemon Crystal is now being played.

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SebbyGVS2180d ago

And it only took something like 15 days! Was expecting it to takes months, praise Helix.

jonboi242180d ago

We couldn't have won without our Lord Helix. His words of wisdom brought democracy through all the anarchy, when we needed it most. Praise Helix.

DC7772180d ago

What a strange phenomenon.

JohnKenway2180d ago

Praise the Helix Fossil we did it!

thehitman2180d ago

I agree w/ the article there needs to be a WELL made pokemon mmo. I havent played pokemon since about 15 years when blue and pokemon gold were out. I would play a pokemon MMO that you could train and battle people everywhere around the world. With all the rehashes Nintendo does year in and year out and spin offs of games this is 1 project Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves for not taking on.

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