Can Sony's PlayStation 4 Save the Japanese Gaming Industry?

The PlayStation 4 has debuted to an explosive start in North America and Europe. latest home console had reached 5.3 million units sold as of February 8 and it looks like all of the units allocated for the device's February 22 Japanese launch have already been spoken for.

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TheLyonKing2182d ago

Quite frankly even though the sales are good and of course the ps4 will release some killer jrpgs I don't think it will.

The Japanese market is a strange one atm i am not sure what they want other than handhelds.

Hatsune-Miku2182d ago

Can sonys PlayStation 4 save the gaming industry ?

Yes it can and is saving it like when ps1 was the renaissance of gaming. The PlayStation 4 is selling out in shops whereas the xbox one and wii u sold out with gimmicks but cant sell out of stock.

Ps4 is the future and the future is Ps4

glennhkboy2181d ago

I don't think PS4 will save the Japanese developers from their current slamp. The problem with Japanese developers are that they are losing to other developers around the world, not just the Western developers, from both end.

At the console front, their games are losing appeal to global gamer on both raw visual power, on-line components, & restrictive game-play design.

At the handheld front, the Japanese are also losing, or ignoring, the mobile game to developers like King & Rovio. Up to now, we still haven't see any Japanese mobile game that reach the global influence like Angry Bird or Candy Crash Sage.

MorePowerOfGreen2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

What difference does it make which Japanese console is selling good. The japanese industry was affected by western taste changing not what Japanese console is doing good at any given time.

Sony needs to save themselves first and not get too cocky over the first few months of sales. Sony is doing good not because of Sony but because of MSFT and this whole thing can change in a blink of an eye.

There is already story after story of First time Xbox owners buying a XB1 just for on game lately and 360 owners jumping in. Just One game as MSFT is just now getting in their A game.

MaximusPrime_2182d ago

did i read that right? "save"? I do not recall hearing that Japanese gaming industry have been suffering..

TheLyonKing2182d ago

Not suffering but like the Japanese economy it has been stagnating for years.

MightyNoX2182d ago

Compare their output now to previous generations.

MaximusPrime_2182d ago

ah right. thanks for your comments. i haven't been visiting N4G regularly. i did not recall seeing an article on this recently.

MrSwankSinatra2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I'm sorry but this article doesn't even make any sense??? Japan has never been a region where consoles have had major market share, it's always been the western territories such as the U.S. & Europe. An secondly the only thing that has changed in the gaming industry that has impacted Japan is the trends.

Japanese Games aren't popular in today's day an age like they were in the 80's, 90's & Early 2000's, the market is now dominated by western developed games. Which is why Japanese games only appear on mobile because if they were to put those type of games they make on consoles, they wouldn't sell and nowadays with the budget of AAA games it's not in the best interest of japanese developers to even do that.

Now if we were talking about how Sony can help with the Japanese console industry then that would be a different story, because sony doesn't make japanese centric games on consoles with the exception of what the SCE Japan makes. In order to save the japanese console industry it would be determined by the software and would also have to take a collective of publishers to do that not just sony alone.

Godmars2902182d ago

Um, maybe?

Given that things western. high-end production values have pretty much taken over consoles while many JP devs seems to have become secure with handhelds/iOS because of their low to middle costs, I doubt things are going to change.

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