The Order: 1886 gains new gameplay and lore videos, a random endorsement and our hearts

Set all the debates about The Order: 1886's resolution aside. There are plenty of reasons to be looking forward to the game.

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GarrusVakarian2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

" It looks almost as if the characters don’t quite fit on the screen"

....No, it doesn't It isn't 16:9 with black bars cutting into the image, it's 2.40:1, everything is scaled to fit in between the black bars.

"At about 2:30, they overdid the shadows a little bit and I came back down to Earth."

Yeah, they overdid the shadows in a BASEMENT in candlelight /s.......Gaming "journalism" at it's finest.

Blaze9292667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

lol calm down, "opinion piece"

GarrusVakarian2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I'm fully aware of that, i was giving my reasons for why i disagree with his opinions.

Calm down? I used caps to put emphasis on the word basement, not because im frothing all over my keyboard, lol.


Details he didn't notice (from my old comments)

I don't remember seeing most of those gifs in the gameplay reveal especially 6,7,910 (10 looked like a painting or artwork when it was still loading and wow at those cloth physics not even seen even in pre-rendered movies let alone real time in game in a game). Can you please provide us with the video they were taken from ?

Holly molly. Do you remember the devs talking about how they have advanced hair physics but we didn't see anything of those. Well they gave us a very prompt hint about it. If you look closelly here at 2:11

Notice how the hand of the person turning into a werewolf changing from a human hand to a wolf hand with claws and how the hair grows in real time on his fore-arm. Just wow!

We only have seen a glimpse of teh dvanced physics of this game (only cloth simulation). I think they didn't show A THING about this game and they hiding every strong point for a later reveal.

morganfell2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

You are on the money Lukas. This writer - he isn't a journalist - has like so many others ignored the fact that this truly is Alpha footage.

Unlike some other recent claims of "It's an Alpha!" which was nothing more than a marketing lie, The Order footage to which we were recently treated actually hails from that very build.

Games typically enter Beta 6 months prior to launch. Sony and Rad have both stated and indicated The Order will launch in latter 2014. Educated guesses thus far have placed it around October - November. Even going by October, and backing off 3 weeks for reproduction and shipping we get a Beta state of late April at the earliest and it could be as far as late May. We will not see true Beta footage until E3.

Yet Rad didn't run around screaming "It's Alpha footage!" unlike some other companies that feel a very desperate need to defend their visuals. And it should be remembered that this footage is months old and was shown to the press back at the NDA junket.

No, Lukas you were in the 10 ring. I am done with tolerance for these websites and intend to provide them the back of the hand they so richly deserve.

webeblazing2667d ago

even tho your right you seem too always try to spin sony new no matter what the article state.

i still remeber how you and your followers spin how this game render the same as 1080p even tho the devs state other wise.

heres more to read for the blind since when people say it yall deny facts.

"Andrea Pessino ‏@AndreaPessino Feb 6
@visteps the aspect ratio is a core artistic choice (frame, FOV, etc), added performance is a bonus but nowhere near crucial"

"Andrea Pessino ‏@AndreaPessino Feb 6
@Desmio not set in stone yet, but we do run 4xMSAA which looks spectacular! x800 with AA looks MUCH better than x1080 without :)"

"Andrea Pessino ‏@AndreaPessino Feb 6
@Desmio to be clear, x800 with 4xMSAA needs more bandwidth than x1080 would, so 1080 no MS would be cheaper"

"Andrea Pessino ‏@AndreaPessino Feb 4
Getting a bit freaked out by the INSANE level of hype surrounding our game. Sorry, it's just a game, not a turning point for humanity. :D"

the game is 2.40:1 at 1080x800 it was designed like this from the start. so everything is scaled accordingly. it renders LESS pixel than 1080p so less workload if they was doing 1080p 4xMSAA. 1080x800 was a design choice so hopeful your blind faithful cant spot spreading BS like yall constantly do. Pixel density LOL

GarrusVakarian2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )


Just stop replying to me, you fail so hard.....stop acting like you know me or what i said in the past.

"i still remeber how you and your followers spin how this game render the same as 1080p even tho the devs state other wise.

No,no,no...OTHERS were saying that it renders at 1080p. Im fully aware that it renders at 1920x800 and im fully aware that's less than native 1080p...i was saying that the IQ inbetween the black bars is the same IQ as a 1080p image, which is true. Fact, not spin. Use Google for once and get educated on matters before talking about them.

"it renders LESS pixel than 1080p so less workload if they was doing 1080p 4xMSAA. 1080x800 was a design choice so hopeful your blind faithful cant spot spreading BS like yall constantly do. Pixel density LOL"

Lol look at that comment, you think you're so smart. You know nothing. A 1080p image has a 1:1 pixel ratio, nothing is stretched nothing is upscaled. The Order also has a 1:1 pixel ratio, but at a lower resolution than 1080p and with the addition of black bars, if the black bars weren't there it would need to be stretched to fit the screen and would lose image quality. The Order is running at native 1920x800, nothing is being upscaled.

But something tells me you still won't understand what im saying and carry on calling it spin. Some people....

webeblazing2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

when did i say the game upscale or stretches the image. i always state the same as i do now. its just you sony fanboys try to spin everything to make yourselves feel superior. for weeks people been going against what the devs say just to bash people for saying it renders less than 1080p. it fits perfectly in 1080p at so why would they need to upscale or stretch. i have a rig so its a common thing how games scale so what to google. i have never heard anybody say the game is being stretch or upscaled, but its funny you herd other fanboys say its in 1080p. now you saying what i been saying? your funny sony gymnastic team ftw.

GarrusVakarian2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )


" its just you sony fanboys try to spin everything to make yourselves feel superior"

But there is no spinning going on, you are mistaking spinning with my knowledge of this certain subject.

When i say that The Order will have the same image quality of a full 1080p game, that's not spinning, that's fact. Im not saying the order renders at 1080p, im saying that The Order will have a 1:1 pixel ratio, the same as 1080p. The reason it has a 1:1 pixel ratio is because the game isn't being upscaled, if the black bars weren't there it would need to be upscaled, but by including black bars, you take away the need to stretch it to the entire screen...and stretching to fit the entire screen causes loss of image quality.

Take a look at this -

See the 720p box? In that picture, the 720p box would have the same image quality as other words it has a 1:1 pixel ratio. But if that 720p box was to be upscaled to 1080p (the green box) it would lose detail because it would no longer have a 1:1 pixel ratio. It's the same principle for The Order. Imagine The Order as a pink box going from left to right with black bars on the top and bottom, the image in-between is native and 1:1.

Im running out of ways to explain this to you. So please, use Google and educate yourself before calling people spinners.

webeblazing2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Please tell when I said they wouldn't have the same image quality. You keep using the same ecuse but when did i say it was. People was saying Rendering less pixels give u more room for performance n y'all bashed us for stating what has been know for the longest. I said by them rendering in the res as they do, its less strain on the system. When people said it render less than 1080p most of y'all ignore n said its the same thing trying 2 spin it. I could even post the article but on my way to a show, it would take too much work on my phone.

Here's the line y'all constantly used. When someone said it rendered less than 1080p.

"It has the same pixel density" lol what its still less than 1080p. You can't bash other consoles than flip flop because its makes what you said before wrong.

The funny thing is fanboys stated like the res didn't make a difference in every article about the order but us res to bash every other system. You and your followers can pm if you want the links to the posts. I'll get to it on my next down time

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AceBlazer132667d ago

This article was just random with a wee bit of stupid.He insulted CoD players out of the blue, brings up gameplay is more important than graphics for no good reason. At least a video came out of it.

Lior2667d ago

Never seen so much motion blur in a game

numNuts2667d ago

Your're comment history. Never read so much drivel in all my life.

killzone6192667d ago

motion blur. common for games that run at 30fps

Ausbo2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Graphics look amazing. Hope the game isnt as generic as colin moriarity said. With that said, it looks interesting and unlike a lot of people i like well WELL EXECUTED qte's. Not sure why fanboys go all up in arms about those

zebramocha2667d ago

His complaint was some technical issues not gameplay.

Ausbo2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

"Technical issues aside, seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay are well-executed, but The Order: 1886 seems to be a fairly ordinary third-person shooter at its core. The camera angle and cover-based gameplay are more reminiscent of Gears of War than Uncharted, and while seeing it was exciting – and while the game no doubt looks fun – some of its mystique was siphoned away. We weren’t shown anything in this brief 10-minute glimpse not done in other third-person shooters.......On a technical level, I’m somewhat concerned about the game, and I’m concerned that it seemed a bit more generic than I was hoping it would be."

a quote from his write-up

styferion2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

@above actually if you take any 3 minutes shooting scene from any TPS game, even from blockbuster like GTA V it'd look generic as hell too. Too less information to judge now.

edit: oh it's Colin's quote, I don't see it my bad

elninels2667d ago

Don't listen to Colin, hes gotten too big for his britches.

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curtis922667d ago

Yeah someone doesn't understand lighting.

fanboysmackdown2667d ago

Ah Sony fanboys get their panties in a twist about any negative press. Grow up and take it like a man and not a fan. This guy was hands on with the game, you weren't. I'm looking forward to this game and take all critique in stride. 800p though...what's up there?

GarrusVakarian2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I don't care if the guy went hands-on with the game, he gave his opinions, i gave reasons why i didn't agree with them.

"800p though...what's up there?"

Why don't you people ever Google anything? You always rely on others to explain things.

The Order 1886 isn't "800p".....800p is actually 1280x800. The Order is 1920x800, which is higher than Ryse and BF4 on PS4. 1920x800 is the cloest resolution to 1080p on consoles that isn't full 1080p. They are also using a very good AA solution, 4XMSAA, combine that with the 1920x800 resolution and you get a game with very good image quality.

So yeah, 1920x800 is what's up there.

DeadMansHand2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Please tell me you don't actually have such a lack of understanding on how resolutions work as you exhibit in your comments.I mean, really, my 12 year old nephew knows that there are two sets of number that make up resolution. The 1920 that goes before the 800 isn't stating the date you know.

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Rockstar2667d ago

This game looks absolutely amazing!

Look at those animations!

Can't wait.

HighResHero2667d ago

That "new" gameplay video is great. I love the sound effects and physics for the gunplay. It will make blasting monsters a blast with all of the creative weapons. The final product is going to be amazing.

MisterFantastic2667d ago

The author of that article is a complete idiot...

mediate-this2667d ago

Somethings off about the gameplay, shooting mechanics look awkward, graphics are nice, i want to see more gameplay videos showing more shooting.

1nsomniac2667d ago

Yea everybody & their dog has complained about the horrible shooting mechanics but ready at dawn have confirmed that it wont be like that at release & that in its current state they haven't really been worked on yet.

GarrusVakarian2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

It looks like the shooting may be a little sensitive from the gameplay we saw, he over-aimed and had to correct himself. That might be because of the mechanics or the guy had the sensitivity too high. Hopefully it's the latter because that can be easily corrected in the sensitivity settings.

fanboysmackdown2667d ago

You should get outdoors more often.

GarrusVakarian2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )


"You should get outdoors more often."

No thanks, it's too cold outside. I'll stay indoors. Thanks for your concern, but I'd suggest you mind your own business more often.

elninels2667d ago


Did someone appoint you with your own personal troll?

DeadMansHand2667d ago

Or it could be (hope of all hopes) there is zero autoaim.

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