Nintendo Hitting Hard in 2014

"The Wii U has not been the success that Nintendo hoped it would be. The reasons for this have been debated, ranging from consumers getting tired with older Nintendo franchises to people wondering if the product was branded poorly. My personal response to these two claims: no, people are not tired of old Nintendo franchises; and yes, the Wii U has suffered from poor branding. However, I would argue that Nintendo does deserve your hard earned dollars in 2014."

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Benjaminkno2187d ago

If they were really serious, they wouldn't have named the WiiU after a system that they knew was abandoned by the hardcore gaming community. They gambled that the tablet controller would've sold to many of the families that wanted or already owned an iPad and it didn't pay off. And those tablets can go anywhere, and they do everything. You stopped competing after GameCube, which is why Wii went in a totally different direction. And now you're wondering why gamers don't take you seriously?
Sony and MS played it smart... stick with a name that works.

If you want us to take you seriously, get hip with the times.

JonahNL2186d ago

Yes, because the name of a console sure as hell determines whether or not I wish to purchase it. It's not like the software has anything to do with it.

king_george2186d ago

You're right ZidaneNL. But i think Benjaminkno is also correct. Something as simple as a name can make a difference. The name "Playstation" for example carries a ton of weight. People know that name. Where as "wii" is often associated with casual games. Atleast thats what i believe the hardcore gamers think of when they hear that name. Just my two cents

JonahNL2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I won't deny that the name of a console has an impact on how its received by the public and "hardcore" gamers. The best example of this is probably the Xbox One, because it was ridiculed at first as well. However, the name of a console will NOT, and I repeat, NOT prevent someone from purchasing it.

The only exception to this is when it causes confusion and that's primarily been an issue with the 3DS and not the Wii U. Most non-gamers I know immediately understood that the Wii U was a new console.

3-4-52186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

You just said " Tablets can do anything"

* Where is the Tablet's D-pad, A,B,X,Y L&R buttons ?

Where are it's triggers or analog sticks ?

You can poke and swipe. that is it.

Benjaminkno2186d ago

I mean in terms of function, like leaving your house.
They do anything a smartphone can do, which covers plenty of ground.

Give them another year, tablet controllers will be everywhere.

Realplaya2186d ago

So the galaxy should not be galaxy, Xbox one should not be named what it is and a PS4 should not be named what it is?

Benjaminkno2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Stick with a name, like "Playstation" or "XBox"...

You don't think that Nintendo would've stuck with "GameCube" if it would've been highly successful? GameCube3 maybe?

They stuck with "Wii" because it sold well, but was seen as a casual system. So regular people just don't know about it. Hell, they would've been better off with "NintendoU", or "Wii2", or "NES6"...

WiiU sounds like an app. It was a lazy way of sticking with a name.

I love it, but when somebody asks me what I'm doing, I say, "playing Nintendo". Ironically, it sounds more mature.

Chrono2186d ago

These games only appeal to the Nintendo fanbase.

JonahNL2186d ago

Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. only appeal to Nintendo fans? Are you mad or something?

wonderfulmonkeyman2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Dude, it's CHRONO. You're not going to get anything other than disdain out of him if it's about Nintendo. Save your bubbles in the future.XD

Realplaya2186d ago

So then by your account they should sell about 35 million and 10 of smash?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2186d ago

stop tro...
oh wait it Chrono.

Eh I guess he still the same.

REDBEARD2186d ago

Nintendo just needs to release games on a monthly basis, develop a better marketing team, and learn how to get along with 3rd parties. Now that DK has been released, Wii U owners will have to wait 3 months for the next game: Mario Kart 8. That is worrying.

On the flip side, they have plenty of time to save money for future Wii U games, Maybe a collection of future Wii U games.

JonahNL2186d ago

I'm picking up a Wii U later this year when Smash Bros. arrives. By then I'll be able to enjoy three major Mario Games, Monster Hunter, Donkey Kong, Zelda and plenty of other titles. Those who picked up the Wii U early on had a rough time, but purchasing a Wii U sounds like a reasonable thing to do soon.

AKR2186d ago

While I agree that they need to release games more often; having time between big releases is a good thing; it gives players more time to buy and enjoy their game. Most people buy 1-3 games every few months. Usually, when you go to a game store, let's say in January; you probably won't purchase another title until maybe March or April; unless you're the type who REALLY invests your bucks into gaming.

Also; coming out with new titles in an increment format preserves quality. You know how nerve-racking it is to develop titles at a pace where you need to be releasing one per month? Not even most third party studios do that.

That's where third-party support comes in; and as we've seen - Nintendo is trying to nail some third-party exclusives, seeing that multi-plats are barely happening. It fills in the gaps between first-party releases.

In all honesty; it's the opposite with the XBOX and PlayStation. First party games from either divisions come out once every blue moon, while third-party games are always around.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2186d ago

uh you mean Third Parties learn how to get along with Nintendo and build games from ground up on their system and learn the Wii U architecture.

REDBEARD2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )


You might be right. Nintendo has always been in a damned if you do damned if you don't type situation. But I believe Nintendo is also at fault. N64, Gamecube, and to an extent the Wii, had some terrible 3rd party support. You would think Nintendo would have a solution by now, but it looks like its getting worse sadly. I honestly don't know what Nintendo can do other than pull a Microsoft and pay for 3rd party support.

KevinCubes2186d ago

An exclusive Shaqfu game is the only thing that can save this console

Concertoine2186d ago

To be honest im really not feeling the effort yet.

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