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GamerFitNation: "I have pretty low expectations for free-to-play games. A lot of the f2p games I’ve played have designed their content around directing the player towards the game’s cash shop, and players who choose not to use the cash shop have to spend an obscene amount of time grinding in order to catch up to those who pay. Many f2p games exist solely to make some quick money for the game’s publisher."

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Axios22181d ago

Very addictive and loads of fun

ToxicSushi2181d ago

Fun game on both the PC and 360! Has a learning curve but nothing too difficult. If your starting out, ask other players on your team for help.

sovietsoldier2181d ago

wot is nothing but a money whore plus the sound and graphics are so bad, controls are clunky and unresponsive. why does anyone even play this wallet wringing game?

do your self a favor and play warthunder, tanks are coming out soon.