How to unlock the AS VAL in Battlefield 4 - Co-Pilot Assignment

Here is how you can earn the new AS VAL assault rifle in Battlefield 4 Second Assault with the Co-Pilot assignment. The AS VAL in Battlefield 4 is the perfect sub-machine gun for those looking for fast and silent action.

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stanr2180d ago

Another excellent guide from bf4only, always glad to read or watch them.

2180d ago
Majin-vegeta2180d ago

I only lag on conquest but all other game modes i can play smooth

famoussasjohn2180d ago

This gun was pretty fun to use on Domination (probably fine on TDM and other smaller gamemodes too), the only negative is the magazine size. 20 rounds +1 in the chamber with no option of extended mags. You chew through ammo like mad and it's stuck to the Engineer class only so no replenishing ammo unless you have a Support player on your team.

G_Hartley_2180d ago

This Gun is so hard to control.. Close quarters, its Good but anything further than 20m its recoil is to much