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Luke Cobham and SlasherJPC tag-team Thief in this SpawnFirst Mega-Review: "The Thief series has always been about one thing, stealth. Using the shadows as an extension of your own skin, sweeping past guards and enemies with a foot of space in between you, knowing that if they spot you you’re done for. If you can’t be patient, if you can’t sit still and watch your surroundings, you will die. It’s as simple as that."

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2184d ago
starchild2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

"If you are expecting Assassins Creed or Dishonored-style game play where you can dispatch enemies like Master Chief shooting grunts with a chain gun, you are in for a miserable experience. Aside from that, Thief is an amazing game. Buy it while it's hot before people spoil the story for you. It's as dark and deep as The Master Thief himself. Oh, and don't forget to put your thinking cap on."

This was a great review. The author understands what Thief is really about.

Oh, I also really agree on the point about using headphones. It makes a nice difference in this game.

Tempest3172183d ago

I turned almost every hud option off in the menu, I only kept light gem, and after playing through almost the enture game that way, its incredibly immersive and I absolutely love it. Is it the best looking/performing game? No. It is however quite a good game when played properly...that is sticking to the shadows and moving around the enemies, not through them. I havent tried it with my headphones, but I think I will next time I play.

corvusmd2184d ago

This review is much more in line with how I feel about the game. It has some issues, glitches, but overall I love the gameplay and I'm having a blast playing it...I think that while many of the harsh reviews have some points...they are being TOO harsh. My only REAL complaint is the Map, I wish it labeled where you have been better, and I wish that it marked the location of Chapter Starts. Oh well....

JoseV762184d ago

No this game blows and that's why its been getting these bad reviews, your best bet is to wait till you can rent it or a huge price drop!!

starchild2182d ago

This game doesn't blow, it's actually very good and has received dozens and dozens of 8s and 9s. Lots of gamers are loving it.