Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Shutdown Affects Pokémon More Than You Thought

The other day, Nintendo announced they will be shutting down Wi-Fi access to the Wii and DS consoles. It’s quite a shock to hear and caught everybody by surprise. Now, many of their popular online titles will have less features to enjoy. But, maybe they had some secret plan behind it… a Pokémon related plan.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2188d ago

yeah for the folks who haven't left Unova, Sinnoh or Johto yet. Too bad for them. I have already gotten all my Pokemon on Y. So not such a big deal. It doesn't affect Nintendo 3DS or Wii U.

For Wii meh. Mario Kart 8 is coming so no need. I don't play Brawl online anymore. I play it locally. My cousin has Mario Kart Wii.

WilliamH2188d ago

Shame on Nintendo, it's just a sneaky way to froce people to buy its newer games. A dickhead move

tigertron2188d ago

The latest Pokémon game I have is Heart Gold so I'm gutted Nintendo are shutting off the service.

3-4-52188d ago

Might give some an excuse to catch em all over again. Or you can trade for them really easily now.

Sarick2188d ago

I don't get it Wi-Fi isn't that the internal networking? I use the Wii for Netflix.

I would think that they'd call it something else like Wii internet services. Saying Wi-Fi is confusing because wi-fi is a hardware means to connect wireless to an internal or public network.

The service Nintendo provides should only be for the gaming leader boards etc.

Confusing. There is still access to the shop channel but the terms used in the shutdown indicate that the Wii will lose access to the internal wi-fi for a lot of products.

tweet752187d ago

this shutdown of online makes me think twice about buying nintendo products. There is no reason to shut down all the games at once. How do i know online options for games i buy today wont be taken down soon?