Lords of Shadow 2′s Under-Fire Director: “Castlevania isn’t my cup of tea”

T1 - Horror stories have leaked concerning the poor leadership at Mercury Steam while developing Lords of Shadow 2, and the man under-fire for most of the claims, Eric Alvarez, has spoken out about the game. Turns out he’s not too happy with the low scores, and also confesses Castlevania isn't his "cup of tea".

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hay2178d ago

Awesome. Let's make a game with decades of legacy, and put egomaniacs in charge. This will SURELY work.

Damn, seriously, I know people without university education who know well that a job is a freaking contract between your skills, consciousness and money of third parties. Everyone quarter-professional knows that a dedicated mind-set is required to carry a project outside of own area of expertise, seriously, BASIC management skills.

And he pretty much confirms what was earlier said:

HOW in the world he got this job?

Spurg2179d ago

that piece of shit...don't take on a project if you don't like it...I was hoping Los2 would be contender for GOTY.

MrSwankSinatra2179d ago

CLoS2 is not a GOTY contender but it's still a good game.

Spurg2179d ago

Was hoping it would have been

morganfell2178d ago

SPOILERS********************** *****************

I have to agree Sinatra. Despite all of these attacks, and frankly many of them seem like piling on, I am enjoying the game.

They have fixed many of the platforming issues and bugs that plagued the previous title. They did a better job with the balance and fairness to the gamer.

Once you get past the story animation that tells what happened to Gabriel since the end of the last title, the game becomes quite enticing. Despite his current condition he comes across more human, and certainly more filled with regret than ever.

There were complaints about the stealth. Wait. He woke up from a thousand year sleep depleted of power and stripped of his abilities. What did people expect. Once you begin to regain even a few abilities you feel far more powerful than in the previous game. And the main ability used in the very brief stealth is a vampiric ability. They certainly paid homage to Coppola's Dracula, including the way he stepped back into the dark.

starchild2178d ago

I personally think CLoS2 is a great game. I don't understand the extreme hate the game is getting from some people, while a lot of other people seem to love it.

I agree with you, morganfell.

Eamon2178d ago

Just finished LOS2, the ending is just terrible.

It's clear that towards the end of development they rushed the last few hours of the game. From when you see the third acolyte till the final boss and the anti-climactic final scene with Satan was just annoying. And the final minute cutscene was clearly done that way to pave the way for DLC.

A huge disappointment (story-wise). Combat was still amazing and excellent though. Modern areas level design were lame but the Castle's level design were quite pleasing.

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maniacmayhem2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Wow! This is just... WOW. We just got an article where an anonymous developer took a crap on Eric Alvarez,

And now this guy turns around says this.

I'm still going to give this game a shot...thank god for Gamefly.

nub_cakes1012178d ago

I almost bought it. Thank God for gamefly man

morganfell2178d ago

Well, I have been one those people that like the game. It isn't without it's issues and Alvarez may be a douche.

But...if you are going to criticize as a developer, have the balls to use your own name. This person is just a coward. A gutless yellow belly. For all we know:

1 - Isn't really a developer
2 - Is a low level chump that would make a bigger mess than those he mouths off about.

maniacmayhem2178d ago

You have to realize that the industry is a very small place. I've been in it for 10+ years and worked my way from the bottom of QA and I can honestly tell you that you ALWAYS run into the people you worked with and everyone knows everybody.

I had an interview with a certain company and an executive producer's first question after looking at my resume was "do you know ____ and ____?"

Word gets around fast and you do not want to be known as a person who bad talked an executive producer. Especially if you are a low level guy as you suggested.

I am still going to try this game just because I was a huge fan of part 1.

morganfell2178d ago

I highly recommend you try it. I just had the best boss fight out of either title.

hay2178d ago

If you're professional enough there's enough space for your own personality and input. You just have to be persistent enough with enough logic and Kamikaze intent to be believable. Trust me, works just great.

Management fears logic and reason. You can just see their emotional bodies crap themselves.

wannabe gamer2178d ago

people are blowing this out of proportion. the game is good and a lot of the reviewers are just cry babies. they hit a hard section and whine and whine like the game is broken cause they suck at it.
and this "source" is just one guy being an ass cause he hated his boss. the internet bully mentality has really ruined so many aspects of gaming and esp the review process. it becomes a game to belitte a game and make horrible reviews the thing to do. half the people writing reviews have no business doing so

Jughead34162178d ago

It's an overall good game. There are some design decisions that's killing this game for me though. Without spoiling anything, this game is at it's best when you are in your castle and not in the modern times. I'm a huge Castlevania fan and was anticipating this game since the very first reveal trailer. The game is no where near as good as the hype to me.

Jughead34162178d ago

This is heartbreaking to me. I'm old school. I got into gaming as a kid by playing legendary games like Castlevania 1,2,and 3. Then Symphony of the Night in the late 90's. I thought LOS 1 was a pretty interesting spin on the series and was pretty excited with the potential for LOS 2. And to read that this game was lead by a guy who isn't even that knowledgeable about the series is terrible. Wish I knew this before I dropped 60 bucks on it.

My thoughts on the game is this. It is a good game that doesn't deserve scores as low as 4 and 6. Maybe a 7.5. Castlevania to me just doesn't work in modern day. It's a midieval game. And why the heck is Dracula doing stealth missions? I can see doing these missions when you start out pretty weak, but I'm about 7 hours into it and pretty strong, and I'm still doing stealth missions. Just wipe everyone out. I've defeated some pretty tough bosses, and still hiding from weaklings. Disappointing. I want to go back to a 2-D side scrolling Castlevania using modern tech.

Roccetarius2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I agree, in the beginning it would make sense, but later on with Stealth still going on, it''s pretty much a chore to go through.

After having played for a while, i confirmed my worries before released. The combos are just not that useful, especially when enemies can attack you at all times without flinching. Some attacks can break and stun them for a bit, but that's all.

wannabe gamer2178d ago

i had no issues with any of the "stealth" sections. they seemed more like half puzzle half stealth. i only got challenged by the combat in a few boss fights, but i had it on hardest diff available at the beginning so i would expect that a little.

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