After 16 Days, Twitch Plays Pokemon Draws to a Close

After more than two weeks of inane walking in circles, spamming and Pokémon being released, the viral Twitch Plays Pokémon has at last drawn to a close.

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Applejack2180d ago

It was a really cool experiment while it lasted but got very hard to get things done with literally over 50,000 people trying to play the game at once. It was pretty funny when you saw those few people who were messing around with everyone else though lol.

LKHGFDSA2180d ago

I saw it at 130,000 once. it probably got even higher, I wasn't on it very much.

Aratax2180d ago

Ah, that gif gets me every time.

LKHGFDSA2180d ago

it's not over, it's just switching to a newer pokemon game. it will be up and running 9 hours after my comment.