Destination PlayStation Attendees Impressed: “Gamers are Going to Be Very Excited With the Fall”

This week saw the celebration of the behind-closed-doors Destination PlayStation event in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Sony and third parties showcased their upcoming line-up to representative of retailers.

The event is designed to showcase the upcoming PlayStation games with Sony's most trusted partners, so it's said to include titles that haven't even been shown to the press. This year the non disclosure agreement was almost iron-clad, as very few impressions filtered down the grapevine, but the comments from attendees were all positive.

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Doritos_Pope2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

The Doritos Pope is well pleased his flock shall be excited for this!
Let us break a Dorito, drink some Blessed Dew and celebrate this event. May the great Doradito in the sky be praised!

Sarobi2183d ago

But.. I don't like Mtn Dew

iceman062183d ago

The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!!! LOL

Blacklash932183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Is drinking Diet like the equivilent of not attending Church, then?

XisThatKid2183d ago

You dare speak of the Yellow one in thy presence of thee?!YOU SHALL NEVER STEP FOOT ON THE PLACE OF WORSHIP AGAIN........TACO BELL!

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OlgerO2183d ago

Please dont leave N4G.

Guwapo772183d ago

I have never seen you before. But my goodness you have a earned yourself a funny bubble. /salute

I shall partake in your Dorito and Dew extravaganza, if I may.

Snookies122183d ago

This man gets it. *nods and walks off into the sunset*

FamilyGuy2183d ago

"drink some Blessed Dew" made me bust out laughing XD

Can't wait to hear more about what was shown, Sony's been keeping a lot under wraps, there use to be spilled rumors left and right.

_FantasmA_2183d ago

I don't believe in Doritos. I'm a free thinker. The PS4 evolved from greatness, it wasn't just created. Just kidding, don't get mad folks. If I offended you, drink your Dew and pray.

Retard2183d ago

Read it with a duke nuke em impersonation.

Blasphemy2183d ago

what else would they say, that the showing was terrible? these guys get paid by talking about what's available for us to play.

WeAreLegion2183d ago

I'm glad you're still here. I creater a character account and they banned me for it. :/

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Sokol2183d ago

Depending how crowded the fall and the third quarter will be I would expect some games to be delayed for few weeks.

I have a feeling this Christmas will be absolutely packed with quality games to choose from, not a bad problem to have other then my wallet impact lol.

I'm hoping some good products will arrive this summer more then anything. That's the time I will have the most free days to enjoy the hobby

Rockefellow2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

I'd be surprised if there were any unannounced titles at the show. I could care less about press getting exclusive looks at upcoming games and it'd be awesome if developers allowed gamers to see new games behind closed doors, but it just hasn't happened in the past at Destination PlayStation. Well, no huge, triple-A type of games, anyway. The risk is just too great for a bunch of lowly retail reps to not open their mouths, despite a strict NDA.

It's been years since I've done this kind of thing though, so maybe it's changed.

jessupj2183d ago

You COULDN'T care less.

Here is an educational video to correct you by John Cleese.

k3rn3ll2183d ago

No one is going to give unproven customers access to this stuff ever. They have earned no trust so there is no way to tell if they will stick to a NDA

rainslacker2183d ago

Destination PS is for retail buyers. Big wigs that aren't going to tread on Sony's marketing plans because they have a vested interest in selling more product. These people have no reason to go out leaking info as they aren't the ones that correspond with the general buying public. Leaks from retail come from lower level people, or goof ups on websites.

I also wouldn't doubt that there are plenty of unannounced titles. If not, then all the system line ups would be pretty weak for the long term.

markyboy21812183d ago

there is unannounced from ubi soft i think

jay22183d ago

Beyond good and evil 2

ion532183d ago

The next Assassin's Creed xD

markyboy21812183d ago

fuckin hope not them games overated trash!!!!!!!

zeuanimals2183d ago

Maybe not overrated but definitely milked. Them utters are dry, son. If it is an AC game, they need to fix the series' problems, namely the combat, the wonky platforming, etc.

Sevir2183d ago

Uni has 2 unannounced games, one theyll announce in April, the next theyll announce at E3.

Sony still hasn't shown off new Footage of Driveclub. I expect them to break silence on that this month and announce a new title title at GDC this year.

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