Changes that could revitalise the Xbox One

IM PLAYIN takes a look at some of the changes, both present and upcoming made to the Xbox One in the past month

"Now, it’s not really that the Xbox One needs saving, not at the moment at least. What it really needs is a steer in the right direction. If it had carried on as it began, almost a year ago, there is no doubt that the PS4 would have left it in its dust. The machine that I have at home, as do some of you, is far different to what Microsoft had initially proposed. It seems that, thanks to the efforts of the internet, Microsoft got the picture. We didn’t want a console that we couldn’t play pre-owned games on, or always needed to be connected to the internet. These were idiotic ideas and, thankfully, Microsoft eventually agreed. Yet it seems that the changes aren’t quite over and, in the coming months, Microsoft will be making some more alterations to the Xbox One that could make a whole world of difference"

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Applejack2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

One thing I would agree with in this article is the price of the Xbox One. It is just way too high especially for those in the UK (such as the author of this article). I still believe that it should be no more than the ps4's price point with its weaker hardware for one example. It definitely wouldn't hurt Microsoft as much as help them with hardware sales.

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loulou2178d ago

i could suggest a few..

remove kinect as a pack-in

drop the price

and most importantly...

rip-out the guts, and replace it with the ps4s!!

the recipe for console success right there

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2178d ago

You know what's weird? Is that the number 1 story on N4G isn't about how Thief is better on Xbox One overall then the 1080p version on the PS4. Pretty wild!

But hey... why would that be news here. :D

xx4xx2178d ago

Some pretty good suggestions coming from a 12yr old.

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Father__Merrin2178d ago

price needs to be same as P.S.4 possibly the ability to plug in an Xbox 360 as a kind of add on

famoussasjohn2178d ago

"possibly the ability to plug in an Xbox 360 as a kind of add on"

care to elaborate as to what kind of add on?

You can connect it to the HDMI In port already.

USA0072178d ago

I would guess at some sort of add- on (digital or physical) that adds backwards compatibility. The HDMI in induces latency, which really isn't that good for gaming

ThePope2178d ago

People really must have nothing to talk about. It doesn't need to be revitalized it's selling fine. It needs some slight course corrections which it sounds like are happening as we speak. Bit otherwise its fine. Most people that don't like it, don't own one (shocking I know)

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2178d ago

Stop being delusional its not selling fine. Its still at 3.5 million sold. MS had to lower the price in the UK. And they're bundling the game that they're betting a lot on and is supposed to be the savior of the Xbone for free.

jasonc12132178d ago

Relative to the PS4 it's not selling fine. Relative to just about every other console launch, it is. MS is on target for their projections. It's the runaway Sony train that is making it seem otherwise.

Hicken2178d ago

It's being outsold- two to one in some areas- on a weekly basis by a last-gen console. I don't think I'd call that "fine."

Radentangr2178d ago

Its not selling badly its just not matching PS4 sales. The same issues exist with the Wii U, good start big drop off. Microsoft needs to focus on the market they want, not the one shouting the loudest. Playstation has the core gamer already, the mud thrown at The Xbox One has stuck! No one has the living room yet and its this market which unites smart phones and home entertainment (major profits).

Gozer2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

The reality is the X1 is selling just fine. 3.5 million in 13 countries at a premium price isn't bad. Its only been a little over 3 monthes since the X1 launched. All this doom and gloom will pass as time goes on. The internet gaming media simply tries to paint it as bad for clicks. If the 360 can overcome the rrod, and the ps3 can over come its $600 launch price and ylod, then the X1 can overcome its rocky start.

The UK Titanfall bundle isn't a permanent price drop like you are asserting. Its simply a good deal while its available. Which is what also makes the internet gaming media write controversial click bait stories. The X1 is currently a cash cow for these so called "journalists", all they have to do is write an X1 flamebait story and sony fanboys flock to it like a bunch of flies.

DigitalRaptor2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Being outsold 5:1 in Europe.

Being outsold 2:1 in the land which they insist is the most important for them.

Being completely outsold in Japan and Asia.

Relative to Sony this is not fine for Microsoft. There is next to no relevant global market for the Xbone, and this is a problem.

They are out of their comfort zone, they can no longer talk up points that they had comfort in dealing for the past 8 years. They've put on a save face for their public statements, and you'll lap it up and agree, but MS believed they would have the dominant console of this generation in North America based on their decisions and their vision alone. They sacrificed a lot to make this console appeal to the non-gaming audience and causal gamers, and those guys aren't buying into it. They've been vying to dominate the living room for almost a decade, and recent occurrences have stepped this back significantly. so how is this "okay" for a company that's standards were held higher last gen?

You don't think this kind of performance relative to the direct competition is a serious talking point between the heads of Xbox division and Microsoft Corp. as a whole, who got into this business to "stop Sony" in the very first place? http://www.develop-online.n...

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Radentangr2178d ago

Microsoft needs to rethink its approach in many ways but 1080p is not a problem to 90% of the audience their "entertainment" system targets. Microsoft should partner with Amazon Prime and give movie streaming as part of gold, in addition provide sales from Amazon via Xbox One exclusively. This partnership along with better smart glass integration, so for example mobile games feed into bigger games - a good example would be a Zoo Tycoon spin off where you can earn unlocks etc. If Microsoft target core gamers they will not reach their goal of owning the living room. I do agree with the articles view on a price slash, friends and twitch elements though as it brings it closer to the casuals needs.

Applejack2178d ago

Microsoft not targeting core gamers was one their biggest problems in the first place. Ever since Xbox One was announced, it was presented as nothing more than a glorified DVR box. I saw nothing but tv and sports and it was extremely disappointing. Fast forward to the future and it is a much better gaming machine by far and that's what it should focus on more than it's vision of "owning the living room". That's my opinion on it at least.

Radentangr2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

As gamers that is 100% what we want. My previous point is based on Microsoft wanting the living room only. I would LOVE them to give Rare free licence to bring old IPs back to life. I would kill for a new Jet Force Gemini.

ThePope2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

100% false. the Unveil was focused on the whole multimedia picture (which included games). But was only a couple months before E3, where they hit it hard with games. And have ever since. The X1 is a gaming machine with multimedia appeal. And while I don't have cable, lots of people do, and being able to do everything through 1 machine is great.

Let me ask a question, because I'm genuinely interested in the answer; People keep talking about the "weaker" hardware of the X1, and as such needs to be priced the same or less (which is idiotic) than the PS4. But the PS3 was $600 and with weaker hardware, not in its design but use, which in effect made it weaker. But no one seems to mind what it was priced at even when it was $400.

Why did no one care then, and now its so important?

And it did not pass the 360 graphics till late in the gen so that doesn't count.

Applejack2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

@ThePope The big difference between last gen and this one is that the Xbox One is truly weaker than the ps4 and not just because of the developers ability to use its hardware but that wasn't the point of my comment. I was mainly trying to say that the Xbox One was, in my opinion, not a gaming focused console at its reveal like it is now.

@Radentangr Ok, that makes more sense to me then.

Gozer2178d ago

The ps4 doesn't greatly out power the X1. That's an internet fallacy. Here is the proof from some of the industries most respected devs.

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Tedakin2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

They just need to drop the price. That's it in simplest terms. They also need to actually GIVE something the way Sony does. Outlast and Resogun FREE? Hell, even Playroom is a nice bonus. Xbox Live is 10 bucks more a year and we get 5 year old games that weren't great 5 years ago. I'm actually surprised with as much as MS hyped the Kinect, they don't have a free Playroom type download to screw around with.

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