Can Nintendo Become the Next Disney?

Everyone today has an opinion about what Nintendo should do. A hedge fund is pushing the company to develop mobile games and add more in-game microtransactions. Some analysts believe that Nintendo should acquire former rival Sega, or develop software on rival hardware platforms. These ideas, presumably, could reverse the company's 70% and 25% respective reductions of its Wii U and 3DS sales forecasts for fiscal 2014.

All of those ideas, however, overlook the biggest problem of all -- that Nintendo isn't properly growing its brands or evolving as a company. So let's examine how Nintendo can evolve its business by taking cues from a similarly iconic company that grew into a media conglomerate -- The Walt Disney Company.

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R00bot2189d ago

Mario's already more popular than Mickey Mouse, so I can't see why not.
Also, Disney has acquired a bunch of more mature titles and studios, I wouldn't mind Nintendo doing that.
In fact, I agree with the article completely. Nintendo needs to evolve, they need to make more mature titles, but they should definitely keep their family oriented games as well.

BattleN2188d ago

After seeing Mario Kart 8 I completely agree and wouldn't mind a MK 8 movie!

wonderfulmonkeyman2188d ago

If Nintendo starts up with Movies again, it should start with a PROPER Super Mario Bros movie, to wash away the live-action parody that made everyone groan....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2188d ago

Nintendo has/had mature titles as in can be enjoyed by older gamers easily:
Fire Emblem
Sin & Punishment
Eternal Darkness
Disaster Day of Crisis
Star Fox
Hotel Dusk
kid Icarus
Golden Sun
Advance Wars
Bayonetta 2

had these:
Perfect Dark
Goldeneye 007
Killer Instinct

Benjaminkno2189d ago

Nintendo would make more Star Wars games if they acquired Lucas Films like Disney did.

BattleN2188d ago

I don't know, they havent even mad a new starfox :(

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

That doesn't mean they never will. The did remake 64 and no one wanted it. To see its real demand.

mochachino2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Nintendo should have just made a console in the same league as PS4/xone and finally warmed up to 3rd party publishers by making it have easy to develop for hardware and a strong online infrastructure.

If Nintendo's console had the power of xone/ps4, all the third party titles, proper online and controller, it would have been unstoppable.

I don't know why Nintendo never tries to appeal to 3rd parties, there's so much money to be made from licensing fees - and honestly, they couldn't have done any worse. They failed since N64 and got lucky ONCE with Wii. Doing the same thing each gen and avoiding the typical core gamer is not working for them at all. N64 (demolished), GC (demolished), Wii (woohoo short term success then lost all new casual gamers to phones/ipad), Wii U (people are questioning whether they can survive making consoles).

I for one would been happy to have the console that plays BF4, Destiny, Division, etc. at the same level of PS4/xone AND Metroid, Mario Kart and Zelda.

BattleN2188d ago

Power doesn't always cause creation of great games Console games Wii had quite a few gems!

DanManDantheMan2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Clearly, there isn't that much money to be made if it's not even helping Sony and Microsoft's financial positions at all. Every single one of Nintendo's platforms were profitable unlike the competition so I've no idea what you're talking about calling them failures.

mochachino2188d ago

Ps3 wasn't profitable because sony put billions into cell and even purchased a plant to manufacture it.

Also, MS would have made a lot on 360 if it didn't have to spend 3 billion on RROD.

PS1 and PS2 made a lot of money, far more than N64 or Gamecube. Nintendo wouldn't make any less on it's exclusives by having third party support.

@BattleN - but hardware power/configuration does have a big impact on whether third parties make games for your console.

It's obvious what their doing isn't working.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2188d ago

oh so you mean Nintendo should copy a hardware that wouldn't benefit their own game development and firmware.

RPG_Lover2188d ago

Nintendo is fine doing what it is doing.

LOL_WUT2188d ago

Thats not what their latest sales forecast showed ;)

RPG_Lover2188d ago

Actually it is.

Hardware/Software sales are high, Nintendo is adding jobs in the game divisions.

Nintendo had better financials than MS or Sony. But why bring up irrelevant stuff right? kind of like what you did.

Geobros2188d ago

Wonderful article but....Nintendo is Nintendo and disney is disney. Mario is already more popular than Mickey.

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