EA to be the Worst Company in America for the third time?

Nominations for 2014's Worst Company in America have started and the question is whether EA will win the award for the third time.

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Alexious2183d ago

I don't really think they are so bad. Granted, they made some poor decisions, but there are far worse companies in America. EA still makes some good games.

kaiserfranz2183d ago

I concur, even if that will probably get me a lot of disagrees. EA isn't the devil.

venom062183d ago

Let me explain why this poll really doesn't mean anything.. Who are the people that are actually voting. Is it Better Business Bureau that voting, is it some advocacy group voting, is it some Human Rights Group that's voting? NO... it's a bunch of nerd ass video game players that butthurt because of a companies decision related to their favorite (or most hated) franchise.. REALLY, SERIOUSLY?? Yeah right, like i said, people really need to understand this poll dont mean sh#% in the grand scheme of things

SirBradders2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

@Venom06 there may be some truth to what your saying but predominantly EA is a games company and if gamers are the ones voting them worst company then it does mean shit.

Yea they make loads of cash but remember bigger companies fall harder, if they keep pissing too many people off then word spreads and reasonably intelligent people will vote with their wallets.

Ghost_Nappa2183d ago

Yeah everyone who disagrees should feel ashamed that they think botching the release of a videogame make you the worst company in america.

Baka-akaB2183d ago

If anything it's a devil that can be avoided and punished financially , so yeah who cares ?

What's the point of hating on EA , if you are still drooling on their annual game sequels like junkies ...

HarryMasonHerpderp2183d ago

Exactly. Pissed at EA? stop buying their games.
That hurts them more than a golden poo award.

hakeem09962182d ago

EA isn't The worse Company in America ,APPLE is with their 50 versions for the same phone.

lesrima882183d ago

*EA used to make good games

DooodleyDude2183d ago

Eventhough how bad ea is, people still bought their games though. Yup

Alexious2183d ago

Maybe because it isn't always that bad after all.

Illionaire2183d ago

EA is a weird company.

They bring alot of new cool ideas and try alot of great ideas using new IPs, but then they find a way to quickly cheapen the property.

They really just don't know how to keep a good thing going, without greed getting in the way.

In alot of ways Microsoft and EA have very similar approaches to the gaming industry, which is why they partnered up with Microsoft.

People just give MS alot of slack in the areas they EA doesn't get it when it comes to achieving their goals and maximising profits.

n4rc2183d ago

Lmao.. Ea the worst company in america?

You gotta be kidding me.. Lol.. Poor you, you bought a buggy game.. I wish I lived in a world where that's the worst thing a business would do.. Lol

Mega242183d ago

EA, treats their Employees and Costumers like dirt, and its been vote twice(now for a third it would seem) as worst company for a reason. Have you played the new FiFa game, the thing is a disaster, riddle with microtransactions for a game you already paid $60 for, to practically progress in it you'll need to spend atleast $20 on players, or else you are screwed with a shitty team who can't even pass the ball right. The worst thing, is that people actually pay the microtrans giving companies like this the Idea that its paying $60 plus buttload of micros is OK, when its not. God damn Casuals are ruining the gaming industry.

3-4-52182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

It's not that they are so bad, but that hardly anybody DOES LESS WITH MORE.

As in, they have all the man power, talent, money and time to make amazing games and they still find ways to screw things up.

They talk like they want to be the best, but their actions are not that of the true "best".

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MysticStrummer2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Not really.

Gamers, or at least the ones who voted, seem incredibly out of touch.

venom062183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

not at all..

bmx_bandit2183d ago

And I always thought, that the worst companies are the ones who manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction like Boing, General Dynamics and so on.

If an employee hates EA, why doesn't he leave? Its simple actually...

Alexious2183d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I mean they might bad for videogames terms (and even that is debatable as some of their games - some, not all - are objectively good), but overall? Really?

Maxor2183d ago

Hating companies that make weapons of mass destructions is just about as moronic as hating EA.

wenaldy2183d ago

i hope people vote them, for the sake of lulz.

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The story is too old to be commented.