Nintendo of America is on a hiring spree, Possible expansion planned


It appears Nintendo has finally awakened and is now setting plans in motion. As someone has pointed out to me - Nintendo of America is on a hiring spree - looking for quality individuals to fill numerous job positions.

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MrSwankSinatra3254d ago

this is the right direction nintendo should go in.

3-4-53254d ago

They have been hiring a lot over the past month.

They hire for a reason, because they are making bigger games or more games. Wii U needs more games.

Either way, we as gamers win.

BoneBone3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Here's a list of all their current available positions:

Sony's firing, Nintendo's hiring! All evens out in the end.

Chrono3254d ago

Does Nintendo of America have many staff to fire them? Sony has a ton of studios worldwide.

mikel10153254d ago

No but I'm pretty sure Sony doesn't have enough staff to fire considering they keep firing people yet they never make turn a profit from doing so.

thezeldadoth3254d ago

spin it in sony's favor. thats the one skill these fanboys have on this site.

thehitman3254d ago

The Sony staff firing I am pretty sure had nothing to do with cutting costs. They were working on a project and it seems like it wasnt what it shouldve been and got canceled. Sony wouldnt cut an investment on a project they think was doing very well thats just silly. No publisher has more studios and has more devs then Sony does and thats a fact.

stragomccloud3254d ago

And yet not as many as Nintendo, and yet Nintendo remains profitable, and continues to expand. And that boys and girls is why they have junk rating. Ifanything has a chance to make Sony profitable again, it's the PS4.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Closed Down about 4 last year
Layoff Sony Santa Monica Studio Employees
Let go Superbot Entertainment which they got people together.

Nintendo keep studios and employees and train them and make them work harder rather than laying them off just because one game doesn't meet expectation.

Justindark3254d ago

even if sony had a ton of staff dos that make it right to fire them? if you were part of there staff ud be fired so fast lol

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MadLad3254d ago

Which is why I always find it pathetic with all these Nintendo articles, claiming they should just be a software company because they are about to go under.
Nintendo is the one that can eat the Wii U, another after that and another after that before they really need to worry.
Sony is the one whose future, even with the success of the PS4, is still a bit lofty.
Multiple articles everyday bringing that point up probably wouldn't go over well on this site though.

WPX3254d ago

Sadly at least 99.9% of those articles never see the light of day. They get reported in SECONDS. Only you get to see them in the failed articles section.

ritsuka6663254d ago

Sony is one company, they're not separate entities despite the fact they have different divisions, their situation's so dire they could disappear within one or two years.

gpturbo813254d ago

but, but, but ps4 is sellin like hotcakes. pfft lol.

C_Ali883254d ago

Lol said the exact samething on a sony article and got flamed...

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Activemessiah3254d ago

The rest of the Santa Monica and irrational guys who couldn't find a job elsewhere hopefully may look into this.

R00bot3254d ago

Cool. I wonder what they need all those men (and women) for? Maybe something big is coming up.

iplay1up23254d ago

Great, I am pretty sure Nintendo also hired a bunch of people last year as well. I remember one position having to do with being a graphics expert, although that was not the name of the position that is what it meant.

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