How The PlayStation 4′s Camera Can Be Used

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude wonders how the PS4's Camera could be used.

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woodchipper892181d ago

Skype and thats it. No one wants to play games with these things.

admiralvic2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Everyone knows it's a speciality device to stream **** on Twitch via Playroom. Duh!

sinncross2181d ago

Id really like to see Sony try and put that Eyedentify PS3 game into production. Could be a sweet game for a camera.

parentoftheyear2181d ago

I wouldn't know seeing as how the have been sold out since launch. Very frustrating.

XtraTrstrL2181d ago

Yeah, it's been literally harder to spot one in stock at $60 than it is to spot an in stock $400 PS4.

iamnsuperman2181d ago

It is nice having all that playroom stuff (as long as the content remains free) but I feel the camera is best served with unimportant features in games and not directly with games. For instance with split screen swapping over the screens if you move. Things like that which isn't so important or necessary but for those who get the camera it is a nice addition.

Let's be honest the camera is only really useful for (and built for) streams. I am okay with it only being used for that.

SniperControl2181d ago

TBH, i am not really bothered either way, my little lad loves it playing Playroom, but they need to release some Move orientated games.

Also logging into PS4 is a breeze with facial recognition, just sit there with controller in hand as you power on and the PS4 logs me into my PSN account automatically.

Kiwi662181d ago

yet people put down the xbox ones kinect for doing the same type of thing in regard to auto sign in etc

SniperControl2181d ago

I do understand what you are saying, but the PS4 eye was not forced onto people, people werent forced into paying an extra amount because there was a camera included.
I bought the KZ:SF bundle which had two controllers and the PS4 eye, as it happens i wanted KZ:SF and two controllers, this package had it all plus the camera and for the same price as just buying a PS4, KZ:SF and two controllers, in essence, i got the PS4 eye for free.

I really want to buy an X1, but i wont until they release a kinectless version and is around the £300 - £320 mark.

NeoTribe2181d ago

People are not putting down kinect because of its auto sign in feature lol. People are pissed that they were forced to buy a 200 dollar camera to do it with. There also pissed the hardware is weaker because the entire console has been based around an overly priced gimmicky camera.

iamnsuperman2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I disagree about the logging process. If I have the controller in my hand I will just press X. It would be great if you have tens/hundreds of accounts on the system but for four or five if you have the controller in your hand you might as well press x

Bigpappy2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Nah about the Kinect stuff. People down play Kinect because it is on the other system. Some legitimately want the price lowered, but that is a separate issue, as M$ could drop the price if they wanted to, by as much as they feel to, and still leave Kinect in the box.

People were hating on Kinect before the first one was even released.

iistuii2181d ago

I agree Kinect is forced on people but he didn't say that, he said that Kinect does the same stuff yet people put it down, yet when Sony does it it's ok, that was his point, not about price.

iamnsuperman2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

But people put the Kinect down because it is forced on people and in turn puts up the price of the One (nothing to do with the more positive fealing towards Sony than Microsoft). That is an issue as some people don't really see the kinect's added value if it is doing said stuff. The ones that do like it probably don't mind the extra cost and probably would have bought it as an extra (for doing those system functions as that is pretty much what the new Kinect does at the moment)

It is all about options. I am not a camera person. The only reason why I ended up with the PS camera is because I wanted another controller (for FIFA times) and the Killzone bundle pretty much gave it to me for free.

KakashiHotake2181d ago

I can only see these devices being used for streamin, voice commands, party games or like any other webcam.

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The story is too old to be commented.