New Halo: 343 Industries Making “Great Progress” with Multiplayer Focus; E3 Trailer was a “concept”

Microsoft Game Studios President Phil Spencer has been talking about the next Halo for Xbox One quite a bit lately, and today a fan asked him on Twitter whether the trailer at last year's E3 was representative of what you can expect from the engine of the game. He explained that it was just a concept, and he also mentioned that 343 industries is making great progress on the game, focusing on multiplayer.

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Shadonic2191d ago

please let multiplayer be more difficult and competitive again :(

Septic2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )


Halo has always been about skill and with Halo 4 they made it too way to kill someone. Let me work for my kill!

I love me some Halo action!

Shadonic2190d ago

Exactly I was never that good at Halo but when Halo 4 came out it was just a cake walk and the only challenging thing was trying to survive a team that all has DMRs. is being able to choose almost any gun in the game so you can feel more connected or hide your flaws really worth less skillful gameplay and unbalanced and broken combat.

3-4-52190d ago

I Halo 2 or 3, you could tell when you were getting better and developing your skills.

Halo 4 was an awful game.

medman2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

"New Halo: 343 Industries Making “Great Progress”"...I'm calling it..the game is in trouble. More Microsoft pr speak at work.

TheOmniGamer2191d ago

With BravoMLG and Quinn working on Halo 5 MP, I am very optimistic about Halo 5 MP, both are Halo Pros and Quinn was one of the lead MP designers for Gears MP and pushed for competitive play.

nukeitall2191d ago

Didn't know that, but Gears was my favorite multi player game last generation. Heck, I still play Judgment Overrun and capture the point all the time. Probably until titanfall drops!

Really looking forward to the next Halo whatever game it will be!

zerogotit2191d ago

Judgment mp was REALLY underrated

Shadonic2190d ago

I personally hated Judgement It felt soo different and it was just so much BS when i played it. They basically got rid of restrictions and sped up everything and with said restrictions gone it just left it open to dumb stuff like the quickdraw mc graw grenade throwing sticky crap that i always saw. It had lost the the Gears MP feel and the map design from what i played had some sort of vertical height fetish.

Tedakin2191d ago

Just remake Halo 2 mp and you'll sell 10000 gazillion copies.

SG1_dapunisherX2190d ago

halo 2 for x1 will reach 3million or more

HomerDog2191d ago

Get rid of that dumb exp. Ranking and go back to the true skill Ranking and also please put weapon spawning back and no dumb random spawn

webeblazing2191d ago

They showed a trailer at e3?

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The story is too old to be commented.