Sony's Adam Boyes Talks PS4 Stream "Crowd Input," Destination PlayStation: "Great Things Happening"

Sony Computer Entertainment Publisher & Developer Relations Honcho Adam Boyes had interesting things to say today on the future of the PS4 platform, and specifically on the what he defines "crowd input" for video streaming and on the recent retailers/publishers-only event Destination Playstation.

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Majin-vegeta2190d ago

Cant wait sony has been pretty quite with all their studios.

tbone5672190d ago

Sony should stop talking about it and actually do something.

Abriael2190d ago

Funny thing is that they just had three large gameplay reveals with The Order, InFamous Second Son and MLB.

Maybe they're not just talking.

MasterCornholio2190d ago

I would say that about Microsoft more than Sony because of all the talk about the cloud and no demonstration of it.

Ashunderfire862190d ago

Maybe you need to stop talking and actually do research. There is a shit ton of information on PS4. The Order 1886 is a example of this. Even on Microsoft for the Xbox One camp we see some hints, but they are actually more quite than Sony is.

Eonjay2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I would like them to do this for something like The Walking Dead. The choices intrinsic to the progression of the story in this game make it a perfect target for something like crowd input.

thejigisup2190d ago

QuiT putting quite instead of quiet, its QUIET anoying

Zool 082190d ago

@ tbone

Where have you been for the past five years, Sony already has Second Son, Drive Club and The Order on the way, as well as Naughty Dogs up and coming next Uncharted, their studios as well as several Indies working away at titles as we speak, games take time. You don't go to a restaurant for your food to be served half cooked you have to be patient and let the Chef finish cooking so that you enjoy your meal. PS4 only been out for 3 months so give the developers time, I assure you the games will come.

SuperYakuzaFan2190d ago

Remember time to triangle is 1 month on PS4 whereas 1 year on the PS3. Games with last of us quality should come out faster this time on PS4.

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Majin-vegeta2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Do you think games just happen overnight??No they take time.

Edit:Reply to Tbone

MasterCornholio2190d ago

Agreed. Just compare games that are released on a yearly basis like COD to games that take at least 2 years to develop like The Last of Us.

Funny how some people expect consoles to release with a library of over 200 AAA games when it takes years to achieve that number.

Hyper_Tension1402190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Acually The Last of Us took 3 years to make, it was being work on at the end of uncharted 2.

Remember ND has two teams.

BlakHavoc2190d ago

Excited for Infamous next month as well The Order and UC4 but i'll be honest and say my excitement in the PS4's future took a shot when I heard SSM's new ip got canned lol. Freakin sucks honestly, but I just hope they have another project in the works and it isn't GoW. Sony seriously needs to announce some of their other big projects, I hope they don't think UC4 and The Order are enough when both those games don't have an official release date yet. I want to know what Sony Bend is working on as well as MM, wouldn't hurt either to get an update on Drive Club and The Last Guardian.

KakashiHotake2190d ago

Maybe its just me but i would welcome a next gen God of War. At least once.

BlakHavoc2190d ago

I'm sure it would be well received amongst the PS nation but I just don't see anywhere for the story to continue. I mean he killed all the gods in GoW3, who else would he fight that would make sense with the original plot of the first 3? If they tried having him fight gods from another mythology like some people suggest, it would destroy what GoW was all about and would honestly feel forced and quite stupid. Of course i'd still try it if they did make another, but I just don't want them to milk the franchise.

Ashunderfire862190d ago

I really hope Dying Light, Alien Isolation, The Evil Within, and so many games use this interactive stream feature. I would to see controllable scare tactics, the player vs the audience, choice of enemies, and more. Damn I want to stream now.

chrissx2190d ago

"Great things Happening". I love that

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